Flyball Superstar

December 22, 2008 0 Comments

A reader let me know we have a a Flyball champion living in eastern Iowa! I had never heard of Flyball, but it seems Emma Jo is a natural. I’m hoping to catch up with Emma Jo in action once the weather gets better! Here is the email:

It is nice to see your pet blog. I thought you might want to know
that you have a canine athlete superstar right in Waverly, Iowa. My
mother’s dog Emma Jo was the single top point earner in the North
American Flyball Association (out of more than 13,000 dogs) in the year that
ended September 30, 2008. She was also named Regional Most Valuable
Player. Flyball is a 4 team dog racing sport!
More information about flyball is available at

Emma Jo from Waverly

Emma Jo from Waverly

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