Loose and Potentially Dangerous Dogs

September 15, 2011 1 Comment

I’m working on a story to air this weekend on Today in Iowa (probably Sunday morning between 8 and 9 a.m.)

Sadly, a poodle was attacked and killed by three dogs while out on a walk with her owner. This story is horrible, but the owner is willing to speak with me on camera because she wants to remind ALL pet owners to be more responsible.

While working on this story, I’m learning a lot about what happens when a dog or other animals is involved in an incident such as this. Here is the information I received from the Cedar Bend Humane Society on what happens after an incident.

“The owner was issued citations at that time for his dogs running at large. Citations for fear of attack are pending and will be issued also.

 The owner did call the next day and request that he wanted his dogs back. We required that the three dogs were held for ten days at the shelter for a quarantine since they had attacked and we were not 100% sure at the time if a person had been bitten or not. 
The owner was required to pay for the cost of the quarantine for each of his dogs. This was done. They will be quarantined until the 23rd of Sept.
The owner will be required to register each of his dogs on the potentially dangerous dog list according to the Waterloo ordinance. This includes the following: Dog is micro chipped and a picture is kept on filed through animal control. Dog is required to be spayed or neutered upon the completion of the quarantine. Dog is required to be licensed through the city. Dog is required to be current on rabies vaccination. Owner of the dog must purchase and show proof of liability insurance on the dog of up to $300,000
Owner of the dog must pay a fee and obtain a potentially dangerous dog certificate in order to be able to house the dog with in the city limits of Waterloo. This must be renewed on an annual basis.
If the owner does not complete these tasks the dogs will not be released to the owner and the dogs will be euthanized.
Once the dog has been registered as a “potentially dangerous dog” it will stay on that registry for at least three years. If the dog goes that long with out any further incidents the owner can apply to have the dog removed. If any further incidents occur then there is an option to deem the dog dangerous and the owner will have a choice to remove it from the city or have it euthanized.
This is the procedure and city ordinance that we follow when a person or another animal is involved. ”
The above information is per CBHS Co-Director Kristy Gardner.
She also gave me some VERY interesting information about loose dogs.
“This month alone our Animal Control department picked up 91 dogs running loose between the cities of Waterloo and Cedar Falls.

We also had 105 stray dogs brought in through the front door this month by citizens that happened upon loose dogs. 
When you think about it that is 196 problem incidents just waiting to happen, from dog attacks, dog bites, hit by cars, theft of animal, what ever you can think of, a pretty high guarantee that there is going to be some type of animal issue when that many animals are out loose left to their own accord.
Out of those 196 dogs, 83 of them had owners that came in to pick up their dog and take it back home, so that is a lot of people just letting their dogs run.  I know some get loose by chance or accident, but we see a lot of repeat offenders, too. ”
As a pet owner myself, we ALL need to be more responsible. I don’t believe in characterizing certain breeds of dogs as “dangerous” because I feel more of the problem falls on owners. Certain dogs and sometimes even pet owners in general get a bad rap because of irresponsibility of a few. If you aren’t serious about taking good and complete care of a dog, which includes not letting him/her run loose, then don’t get a pet.
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  1. Karen says:

    This will be a very interesting story. This type of thing also happens at the new dog park. There are irresponsible owners there. Yesterday 9/13/11 2 big dogs there attacked a dog I take care of every day and I take her to the park to have fun. When these dogs attacked her she was trying to run away from them and she was squeeling so bad it would break your heart. They got under the picnic table where I was sitiing. I grabbed Penni and smacked the dogs away from her. The owner stood there and did nothing. Of course I screamed at her for the incident. We have not had any trouble before or since thank goodness because she loves the park. I was talking to a young man there today who said something like that happened to him. He picked the dog up by his or her fur and the owner finally got up and came over. The thing that really bothered me he told me an animal control officer was right there and did nothing. They said yes chows are agreesive. Sorry this so long but I was upset about this and when you said you were going to run a story about loose dogs I just wanted you to know things could happen at the dog park with irresponsible dog owners there too. My sympathy to the lady who lost here dog. I feel her pain. Thank You Karen

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