Caution But Not Fear

March 10, 2012 1 Comment

Many of you may know about the KUSA anchor, Kyle Dyer, who was bit in the face and injured by a dog.

Dyer was interviewing a firefighter and the dog’s owner after the dog, Max, was rescued from a frozen reservoir.

While getting down on the ground to be closer to the dog and putting her face near the dog’s face, she was bit and required hospitalization.

As an anchor who interacts with animals each weekend, I don’t take anything like this lightly. But at the same time, I will not stop interacting with animals in a way that’s natural for me.

We all need to be aware something could happen with an animal at anytime. Something can even happen with your pet at home.

While what happened is very, very unfortunate, I will not stop having the weekend morning pet segment or change how it is done. I enjoy holding the animals and having them live in the studio as opposed to just showing a picture. I think it’s nice to see the dogs/cats/animals and get a taste of their personalities, which you can’t always capture just by showing a photo.

It’s largely my responsibility to interact appropriately with the animals so they do not feel threatened in anyway. Being on the weekend news can be a stressful situation for some animals with the cameras and lights and being in a different environment. However, I can’t let fear stop me from helping to find so many wonderful animals good homes.

I trust the humane society to bring safe animals to the studio, but I also know anything can happen. That’s why during the break before pets I familiarize myself with the animals as much as possible. Shelter staffers are very clear if there are any issues with any animals.

Should we all be cautious? Yes. But should I be fearful and let the chance of a dog bite keep me from enjoying animals and finding them good homes? No.


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  1. doglover says:

    You should never trust a dog you don’t know, let alone putting your face down in front of it. Plus maybe the dog sensed something about her, like she really doesn’t care for dogs?
    Dogs bite…just like human’s bite!
    Thank-you for having the animals on the week-end show, however I felt sorry for you last week, you were out of breath! Hopefully they all find forever homes!

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