Wagner Family Christmas 2013

December 29, 2013 2 Comments

 Cubbie, Teddy, and I went to Oelwein to spend Christmas with the family. As usual, the boys were spoiled with lots of attention from my parents and my brothers.

The boys must have made Santa’s “nice list” this year because they sure got a lot of presents for Christmas! That’s despite Cubbie getting into one of my mom’s presents early and taking a ball off of a Santa hat wine bottle cover.

Xmas 2013 -- us under the tree

Xmas 2013 -- boys under the tree

Xmas 2013 -- Cubbie under tree

Xmas 2013 -- teddy under the tree

We celebrate and open presents each year on Christmas Eve. We eat, go to church, drive around and look at lights, and then open presents.

We thought we’d give the boys their presents first so they’d be distracted with their new toys. The distraction didn’t last long. Cubbie was a little too helpful when it came to unwrapping other people’s gifts.

Xmas 2013 -- cubbie opening present

Cubbie and Teddy got a new carrying case for their toys, several new toys, a dog trick book, a new dog bed, and a new blanket.

Xmas 2013 -- toy basket

Xmas 2013 -- tug of war

Xmas 2013 -- dog tricks book

Xmas 2013 -- teddy with antler

Xmas 2013 -- cubbie with purple bear

Xmas 2013 -- teddy dog bed

Xmas 2013 -- blanket

The dog bed and blanket were huge hits. Teddy was especially fond of the dog bed, and Cubbie immediately cuddled up under the fleece, doggy blanket.

Xmas 2013 -- teddy dog bed 2

Xmas 2013 -- teddy bed and cubbie under blanket

Xmas 2013 -- cubbie resting on dog bed

Xmas 2013 -- cubbie blanket and teddy far on bed

It didn’t take long before both were exhausted and fell asleep. One in the dog bed, and one under the blanket.

Each year we get my mom a gift from the boys. This year we made her a magnet for the fridge that’s a collage of a bunch of our photos. We also got her a t-shirt that says “Ask me about my Granddog.”

Xmas 2013 -- magnet

Xmas 2013 -- tshirt

 As you can see, the boys had a great Christmas this year. It was so much fun, they slept through most of Christmas Day!

Xmas 2013 -- teddy on blanket

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  1. susan says:

    Wonderful times with your boys!! Cherish them always!!

  2. Terri says:

    I love reading your blogg and seeing new pictures of your babies. They are just like kids. I think it is wonderful that your mom treats them like grandkids. Which they are :)
    Happy New Year.

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