Disappearing Bows

January 4, 2014 1 Comment

Our Christmas tree is down, but it will be short a few purple bows when we put it up again next year.

I think I had about six bows on the tree to start. I began noticing some of the bows were missing. However, I never found the bows around the house. I wondered where they could be? Clearly they were being taken off the tree (probably by Teddy), but what was he doing with them?

I got my answer the other day. As I was walking past the back patio door, I noticed something purple in the yard. When I let the dogs outside later, I went to see what was in the yard. It was a purple bow from the tree!

Teddy was taking the bows from the tree and burying them in the show in the backyard! I found this one after a little of the snow melted. I probably won’t find the rest until spring!

I’m trying to figure out how he got the bows outside without me noticing. Obviously, he carried them. But I never, ever saw him with one of the bows in his mouth! That Teddy, he is so sneaky!

bow 3

bow 2

bow 1

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  1. Renee Grandon says:

    That is so cute. I think Teddy and Cubbie were in it together the way it sounds. So Cute.

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