Three Dogs in the House (not permanently)

January 8, 2014 1 Comment

Since the dogs haven’t been able to run around as much outside lately because of the very cold weather, I thought¬†inviting Oscar over to play on my days off would be a good way to burn off their extra energy.

Oscar and Teddy are littermates and came in to the shelter as “not wants.” I love getting them back together every once in a while just to see how they’ll react and to compare them to each other! I think as they get older (a year and a half old now), the more they look and act alike. So many of their mannerisms are the same; it makes me laugh! Oscar is a little bigger than Teddy, but I think you definitely tell they’re related.

January playdate 1

All three dogs ran around for awhile, but then Cubbie got tired and needed a nap.

January playdate 10

January playdate 12

Teddy and Oscar continued to play, which mostly consisted of them doing circles around the loveseat as Teddy chased Oscar nonstop.

January playdate 11

A few times both the boys would lay down, and I thought they were finally ready to take a little nap! Nope. The quiet time lasted for an entire five miutes (maybe) before one was back up, and they were both running around the house again.

January playdate 6

January playdate 2

January playdate 4

It was really great for all three dogs to get a little more exercise after being trapped inside so much lately. They boys fell asleep after Oscar left, and they slept all through the night!

January playdate 7

January playdate 9

January playdate 13

January playdate 8

 Even though I had my hands full, it was a fun day off for me to watch all three of these guys play together and wear each other out.

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  1. Debbie Hammargren says:

    Love reading about you and your dogs. I have had trouble with my dog not sleeping all night lately too……a good run around really helps! I will have to find my Louie some little doggie friends to run around with!

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