Sickness Strikes

March 24, 2014 2 Comments

Apparently it’s normal for new parents to be sick…

All. The. Time.

Our sweet Olivia was so sick and fussy for more than a week.

We’re “those” parents who call the nurse line all. the. time.

But because she didn’t have a fever, we were advised to just keep doing what we were doing.

The days continued and my anxiety-ridden instincts were telling me, “Take her in…”

So we went to the walk-in clinic after I got off work one night, and they quickly dismissed an ear infection or RSV or *any* other diagnosable illness.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing,” the physician told us.

That night, Olivia was up every hour.

Every. Single. Hour.

She’s a great sleeper, so this was out of character for her.

The next day I called her doctor in a sort of desperation.

“PLEASE. Help us. I know something is wrong…”

The clinic got us in first thing the next morning where Momma’s instincts were confirmed:


And then WHAM!

Like a freight train derailing straight to our house, Chris is sick.

I’m sick.

Maggie’s walking around the house wondering what the heck happened to all of us.

In the 10-years that we have been together, we have NEVER been so sick.

It was merely impossible to take care of Olivia when we could hardly take care of ourselves [the worst feeling, by the way...].

And it’s times like this where we are even more grateful to have family in town and good neighbors who are so willing and quick to help.

When we weren’t sleeping, we were at the doctor’s office.

In seven days:

-5 visits to the doctor

-2390847 boxes of Kleenex

-Countless antibiotics

It was a nightmare. 

We’re finally on the mend now.


But let me tell ya, there is nothing worse than having a sick child when you are sick yourself.

Olivia’s nurse told me it’s actually quite common for new parents [like us] to be sick frequently because we’re exposed to different germs, and also because our sleeping habits have drastically changed in the past seven months.

The two factors combined can make for some sick Moms and Dads!

Here’s to Spring and EVERYONE feeling better soon…



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  1. Jen F. says:

    Glad you all are feeling better!
    My husband and I once had strep throat at the same time. Strep is terrible and runs you down. We were so sick the night we went into our doc and got on antibiotics, my parents had to watch the kids because all we could do is sleep. I feel ya!
    Wait until you all get pink eye….beware :D

  2. NE Iowa Mom says:

    I remember once when we ALL had the stomach flu! It’s no fun cleaning up vomit when you have the flu yourself! Stay strong, Shelley, as it’s just beginning. Ear infections, tonsillitis, head lice, stomach flu, etc. They are all part of being a parent and guess what……the sun always comes up the next day! Sometimes we are almost too tired to see that sun!!

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