Apology notes? Nope.

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I’m going to bury the lead on this blog…because I want to go back in time.  Sounds dramatic doesn’t it?? lol  Just hang tight…I’ll get to my point…I’m feeling nostalgic.

The SEARS Christmas catalog from the 80s was THE BEST THING EVER! Remember that mammoth thing?? It was 700+ pages of toys…and these weren’t your ordinary toys.  These were off-the-wall magical toys like cotton candy machines, walk-in style dollhouses, the GIANT, ride-on train set like the one from Silver Spoons (if you were a kid in the 80s, you remember that show), and a mini-airplane with working propellers that would turn in circles. Ahhh. I loved that catalog.

I would always take it from the kitchen table, grab a red marker and hide in my room for hours.  I would circle everything that I wanted Santa to bring me.  I would always mark the pages…so there was no confusion.

I remember my parents’ faces when I would hand it over to them. They kinda had a smirk on their face…one that conveyed, “oh you have no idea kid.”

I know that look because I give the same look now.  Especially after I saw Gia’s list. I think my response was, “You want a what??”  (I think what she wanted was more expensive than our mortgage payment).

There was always an unspoken understanding between my siblings, myself and our parents: you can circle all you want in that catalog, but there is no way you are getting it.

Growing up, I was always beyond spoiled on Christmas…I was very lucky.  My brother, sister and I always got one really big gift that we REALLY wanted…and there were many other presents under the tree.  Gifts that every time we opened them we would say “OMG wow!!!”   There was never an apology from my parents that Santa didn’t bring us something out of the SEARS catalog…we didn’t need an apology.

So you can imagine the eye-roll when I saw an “Apology letter from Santa” circulating online today.  There is a hot toy that is nearly impossible to get this Christmas…and the elves can’t keep up with production up in the North Pole.  Apparently, parents everywhere are worried that little Susie or Jimmy will be devastated on Christmas morning when that toy isn’t under the tree.


Look I get it.  And I don’t want to come across as heartless…because I’m not…but COME ON.

My husband and I made a pact a long time ago…our children will understand that there is not a money tree in our backyard…and just because we hear, “PLEASE!! I WANT” does not mean it is going to happen.  Because let’s be real…in a couple of months (more like weeks)…that toy they HAD TO HAVE…will be at the bottom of the toy chest, without its batteries, or out in the yard underneath piles of snow.  (Just ask Nico about that cool robot he had to have).

Of course we want to our kids to have a magical Christmas with fun gifts under the tree.  We really want them to know the REASON for the season.

Parents know this…there is nothing more magical than seeing your kids run down the steps Christmas morning with pure joy and excitement in their eyes.

When they’re unwrapping their gifts they’ll realize…they’re blessed…they’re fortunate.

They won’t need an apology letter for what they didn’t get…it’s about being thankful for what they DID get.




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