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“I was born at night but not last night.”

I can’t even tell you how many times my Dad said that to me when I was growing up.  It always came when I used some lame excuse or tried to outright lie.

Every generation thinks it when they’re younger: “people older than me are so out-of-touch.  They have no clue.”

There is no thought more false than that one right there.  I speak from experience because everything my parents told me…turned out to be true. Everything they said would happen…happened.  There is no genie in a bottle…it’s called experience.  And you should always trust experience.

I want to take a moment to use my experience to reach out to the younger generation.  Because if I don’t offer any advice or guidance…then who am I to complain?

Your actions, your attitude, your work ethic…those things will define you. It’s really that simple.

Whether it’s a part-time job while you’re in high school or college…a team practice…a class…no matter what it is, show up.  Stop trying to give BS excuses that every single adult has already heard (or probably used when we were younger).  This is the thing (and you will learn it when you age), we are not dumb.  In fact, we are quite smart.  And I’m not really talking about book smarts right now…I’m talking street smarts. We’ve been around the block. We’ve learned a lot in our lives…and most of the stuff we learned the hard way.  We’ve had our power shut off…we’ve had our credit cards declined…we’ve been fired from jobs…we’ve been passed over for promotions…we know what it’s like to have the flu but still have to go to work…we know that just because we have to study for finals, there are other things that still need to get done…we’ve had to go to work when we wanted to go on vacation…we have told our boss we were “sick” when we wanted to take a long weekend.

WE GET IT. We get it because we’ve been there.

You may not realize it now…but every time you give your teacher, coach, boss or parent a lame excuse…a lie…they’re losing their faith in you. They won’t trust you.  That will follow you into adulthood…because habits like those, are hard to break.

Be willing to learn.  Be willing to listen.  Be willing to accept the fact that you don’t know everything.  Be humble. Be gracious. Show up.











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