Pity Party: OVER

December 13, 2016 0 Comments

It’s been a week since my oldest fractured her elbow.

X-rays…casts…re-setting…slings…and a whole lot of tears.  I’ve never seen her that upset. Ever.

I locked myself into the bathroom one night to take a shower.  It was my excuse so I could sob.  I was sad for her…she was hurting…and there was nothing I could do to fix it.   I was also selfishly sad for myself.  I knew I was going to miss her competing with her cheer team.  As a mom, there is nothing cooler or more satisfying than watching your child thoroughly enjoy do something.  And at the young age of 8, cheer is her THING.

She was showered with gifts, cards, sweet text messages…her team even dedicating their weekend routines to her.  I finally saw a smile on her face.

Then there was this morning when I told Gia that she needed to clean her room. “Mom, I can’t! My arm is in a sling!”

“G – your left arm is in a sling…your right arm is working perfectly.”

(Sigh)  Every party must come to an end…and that includes this pity-party.

I’m sure I sound very harsh right now.  There’s no doubt that her injury stinks…it’s a real bummer. I hate seeing the disappointment in her eyes…I hate that she has to watch from the sidelines.  We had a week of “mourning.” Ok…let’s move on.  It is what it is.  It happened.  But her elbow will heal…there will be other competitions…there will be other seasons…the world will keep rotating.  Moping around the house won’t heal her elbow any faster.

S@!t happens.  Unfortunately, my daughter is learning that at a very young age.  I lost count over how many times she said to me, “It’s not fair mom!” Nope…it’s not. But get used to it…because life is anything but fair.

I was quite blunt with my daughter today when I told her: “It’s not about what happens to you…what life throws at you…it’s how you respond to it.  That’s what you focus on. Focus on being a good teammate from the sidelines…focus on getting your elbow back to full strength…focus on cleaning your room.” 😉

I know she HEARD me…I just hope she was listening.

In every hardship…there is always a lesson.

And sometimes the most important life lessons, are the ones we end up learning the hard way.

And I am speaking from experience




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