Hypocritical unity?

January 24, 2017 4 Comments

When I talk to kids of all ages about bullying, I always share the same advice: “Be the one person who speaks up.  Be the one person who stands up for the person who is getting bullied, picked on or harassed.”

So I will practice what I preach.

There is, what I consider, a dangerous trend in our society right now: in order to make a point or defend a belief, people are insulting others in an absolute cruel manner.  I’ve mentioned before, it’s like being in an ocean and holding someone else’s head underwater so you can stay afloat.

Earlier today, I saw where Chelsea Handler, a comedienne who has always been a BIG supporter of women’s rights, was attacking our new First Lady.  She said she would never interview Melania Trump because she “barely speaks English.”


There were just women’s marches all over the country…a moment of sisterhood…a moment to celebrate women all over the world…a moment to admire women who are different shades, sizes, beliefs…in fact, Chelsea Handler attended a march. She not only attended, she led a march in Utah. According to the USA Today, Handler said, “let’s all give each other hope and stick together.”  I have to ask…are we only supposed to stick together with the women who look, sound and act like us?  I feel like insulting a woman over her accent is a TAD hypocritical, don’t ya think?

Comments like that negate any progress that was made during a woman’s unity march.

I encourage Chelsea Handler, and anyone else who insults someone with an accent for example, to get to know that person…ask them to share their story…learn more about their journey.  You just might learn something.  Maybe people will then realize there is more to this world then our own county, city, state or country.  A little more than a decade ago, I started an intriguing conversation with someone with an accent…who was born in another country.  His journey was fascinating. I ended up marrying him and having three children together 😉

I remember when I took a persuasion class in college, my professor told us: “if you can’t make a point without insulting others, perhaps you should take a seat and let the grown-ups have the conversation.”






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  1. Betty Smith says:

    Regardless of any one person’s politics, the hating that has been and is going on is soooo sad. So many adults, men and women, are
    certainly teaching their children how to hate. I didn’t think I would ever see something like this. But again, you are spot on.
    Maybe when you say it, it will sink in to a few at least.

  2. Amy Peyton says:

    Since the election I have decided to do my best to ask questions but then listen… since I have learned about the journey of one man from Bosnian who is now an American citizen, a young man from Africa here on a work Visa who left his 10 yr old back due to the rules that need to be followed, social workers active in welfare programs, an a elderly African American woman and my many friends/family in small town white Iowa. My views were in some areas different, our votes were different, andc our experiences were much different yet there was no voices raised, no insults and really no hard feelings. I have grown with greater understanding and a greater love of all God’s people!!! Thank you for what you do to be a light and reach out!

  3. Lori Willett says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. My goal is to not trash or bully individuals nor allow others to do so, even if they are completely juxtaposed to my views, pitical or otherwise.

  4. Sandra Beck says:

    With 4 grown daughters myself, I find your messages to be so inspirational and powerpacked. Thank you for being the grown-up 🙂

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