Practice the Pause

January 9, 2017 0 Comments

Oh hey blog…it’s been awhile.

I feel like this is the first time in weeks I have been able to sit down and breathe.  I’m talking a deep, cleansing exhale.  We traveled over Christmas…and when I say traveled…I mean we packed up the family fun bus and headed east on a 14-hour drive. 14 hours.  One-way.  By the time it was all said and done, I didn’t want to sit in my car…pay another toll…or hear a voice from the “Minions” movie ever again.  And I lost count at how many times my husband and I fielded the “how many more hours” question.  I just started responding with: “Thousands.”

With the long drive back home, I thought about my goals for the new year.  I hate to use the word “resolutions” because that never lasts with me.  I made out a long list…some things are pretty lofty…other things appear to be more like chores (like finally organizing my kitchen cabinets) Cue the eye roll.  We’ll just re-name “chores” to “goals” so  can reward myself with a glass (or bottle) of wine when I accomplish it.

On the top of my list is this: Practice the pause.

“Practice the pause. When in doubt, pause. When angry, pause. When tired, pause. When stressed, pause. And when you pause, pray.” – Unknown


I had an “A-HA” moment when I read this quote.  I thought to myself…”This is what I need.  This is where I have failed…I never practice the pause.”

Practice the pause.

Happy New Year, everyone.




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