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We all know “it takes a village to raise a child.” Yes, it is overused and by this point extremely cliche’…but we know that “village” is a necessity.

But for the ladies, in order for us to stay sane, we need a TRIBE.  And we need a good one.

Our tribe should have women from our past…the ones who knew us when we had braces, breakouts and bad hair.  The ones who knew all about our first crushes and why we got grounded.  The ones who know our childhood nicknames…like Mandy. 😉

The ones who saw our “amazing” moves at school dances, talked us through our first love and first break-up…played basketball alongside of us…and knew all about every time we snuck out of the house to go to a party. (I may have done that a few times.  Sorry Mom and Dad!)  The ones who can share all of the crazy stories with your kids when they’re old enough to prove that you weren’t ALWAYS perfect.

The ones who knew about all of the times we cut classes in college to sleep-in…the bad choices in boys and tattoos. All of our growing pains…those women who knew all about your climb…they need to be in your tribe.

I think about my expanded TRIBE now.

My closest friends…my work friends…my gym friends…my mom friends…


They push me when I need pushed…like when I have zero desire to finish my run on the treadmill…a simple “you got this” from my friend on the next treadmill.  Or when I only want to use 20 pound weights…my friend hands me 30s instead…”you got this.” TRIBE.

In a world of negativity, a good tribe reminds you are important…why you matter…why you should ignore the BS. Like an email from my best friend when I was having a bad day.  She signed it with “I love ya. Don’t let ANYONE change you.”

Keep your circle tight and loyal.  It’s a breath of fresh air…trust me.
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