Valentine’s Day = eye roll

February 13, 2017 0 Comments

“I hate Valentine’s Day. So you don’t have to worry about getting me anything.”

I said that to my husband when we first started dating.  His reaction was priceless…like he just hit the jackpot.

Growing up, I was never the girl who was getting showered with flowers, chocolates or overpriced teddy bears.  I was never the girl who was getting taken to a fancy restaurant for the “Special Love dinner for Two.”  I would watch the other girls get spoiled on February 14th…and I would have a pity party for one.  I hated the way I felt on that day.

My parents (specifically my Dad) would always get me a gift and some flowers on Valentine’s Day…I always loved it…but come on, when you’re 17, you want a Valentine other than your Dad.

Even after I outgrew the awkwardness, my opinion of Valentine’s Day never changed.  I would always say, “why do I have to get flowers on the 14th? Why can’t you do something nice on the 20th for no reason??” lol

My husband and I do Valentine’s Day big with the kiddos.  I’m currently planning a Valentine’s Day breakfast complete with confetti, streamers and special pink cocoa.  I have date night with Nico…he has date night with Gia and Luciana. They get some chocolate…some special presents to remind them how loved they are.

But that’s the thing…I don’t want that reserved for just one day.  I want them to know every day.  Ok they won’t get the streamers and obnoxious confetti every day…but you get my point.

As for me…long gone are the days where I pine over chocolates, fancy dinners and roses.  Real romance for me is folding some laundry…watch the kids so I can take a really long shower…give me 10 extra minutes of sleep in the morning. That’s real romance for me 😉


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