September Rainfall

September 23, 2016


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Check the Latest River Levels

September 23, 2016

Major flooding is forecast on the Cedar River and Turkey River. Other area rivers flooding include: Shell Rock, Wapsipinicon, Upper Iowa, Maquoketa at Manchester, Iowa at Marengo, and the Mississippi River by next week.

Here’s the National Weather Service website where you can click on area rivers to find out where the rivers are at, and where they’re going. We’ll have you covered on KWWL.

flood gfx


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ICYMI Sept 20…Fog/Flooding Debris/Italy

September 20, 2016

It was a foggy start across parts of the KWWL viewing area Tuesday, especially northeast Iowa.  Dense Fog caused several school districts to delay the start of school for two hours early this morning.  Here’s the view from early this morning in Coralville and Dubuque on our Storm Track 7 Live Weather Network cameras.
Weather Bug Multi 2 Cam social








This is the result of the Upper Iowa River flooding at the end of August. The debris field is located in the Big Slough in Pool 9, right across from Blackhawk Park near New Albin (Allamakee County). These photos were taken by Mike Brennan on Sunday.



Suomi NPP #VIIRS Day/Night Band.  The University of Wisconsin-Madison posted the snapshot of moonlit fog.  This was revealed from the  Suomi NPP VIIRS Day/Night Band.  (VIIRS stands for Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite).

moonlit fog











The photo below is a view of the southern tip of Italy from the International Space Station on September 16, 2016.



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ICYMI Sept 19…Antisolar Rays & Belt of Venus /90° Days/Baseball Sized Hail

September 19, 2016

Severe storms were in the forecast for this afternoon and evening, but little to nothing materialized. The reason for that is because of what is called a CAP. This is small layer of the atmosphere that is warmer and it prevented the air from rising quickly.


The high temperature today was 89 degrees in Cedar Rapids. I went back and looked to see how often does a high temperature of 90 degrees get reached in September at Cedar Rapids. Well, on this date is has done eight times. The chart below shows the calendar day at the bottom and temperature on the left. Each bar shows the number of days the temperature reached 90 or higher on that particular day. So again, on the 19th it was 90 or warmer 8 times on that day. Notice how fast the frequency drops off toward the end of the month…not very often.


Here is a look at how much rain has fallen so far this month across Iowa.


There is a great web page very interesting photos and descriptions of why things look the way they do. Les Cowley puts off of this information on the web page. There is a section called Optics Picture of the Day. I learn something new every time I go the web page. The photo is just one example of some great photos on there. Here is the link.


On September 18, 2002 a storm producing baseball size hail with wind gusts to 70-80 mph in Jackson County. Click here for more details on this event.


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ICYM- Sept 18….Sunrise/Fall Foliage/River Flooding

September 18, 2016

The sky was mainly clear Saturday night, allowing for a great sunrise across eastern Iowa.  This was taken in Waverly.

Social pic


That nice sunrise lead to a day with lots of sunshine.  Southwest winds, along with the sunshine, pushed temperatures into the 80s Sunday afternoon.  Despite it feeling like summer, some viewers caught signs of fall this afternoon.

bob ulen waukon

Joe Irwin Volga Lake (Fayette County)

Joe Irwin
Volga Lake (Fayette County)

Danae Goodrich Evansdale

Danae Goodrich

Fall officially begins this Thursday (September 22nd), so we will be seeing more shots like the ones above in the days and weeks ahead.  We start noticing a peak north of Highway 20 beginning the last week of September (on average).  Click here to learn more about leaves changing color in the fall, from the IOWA DNR.


Recent heavy rains have continued to impact area rivers.  The Cedar River at Cedar Falls and the Iowa River at Marengo have flood warnings.



Our weather pattern turns a bit active this week, as a frontal system stalls out.  As of now, it looks like the heaviest rain falls in parts of northern Iowa and southern Minnesota.

p168i (1)


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ICYMI- Sept 17….Harvest Moon/Tropical Storm Karl/Sunset

September 17, 2016

The “Harvest Moon” officially rose at 2:05 PM (CDT) on Friday, and could be seen Friday night and early Saturday morning across eastern Iowa, as clouds cleared out.  The Harvest Moon is the last full moon before the Autumnal Equinox (first day of fall), which happens on Thursday, September 22nd.

This photo was taken by KWWL viewer Steve Kofron near Hudson:


Here’s a nice time lapse of the moon rising, recorded in Arizona.


The eleventh named tropical storm of the season is churning out in the Atlantic Ocean.  Tropical Storm Karl formed Friday night, and is forecast to become a hurricane.  While the track takes the storm northeast in the short term, the storm is forecast to turn more northwest, away from the United States.  It may affect Bermuda by next weekend.

tropical storm karl


And, finally today, a couple nights worth of great sunsets across eastern Iowa.  This sunset photo was taken by Danyce Zegarac-Jasper near Dunkerton on Friday, September 16th.

Danyce Zegarac-Jasper dunkerton



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ICYMI- Sept 16….Comet Breaks Up/Tropics/Lightning Strikes

September 16, 2016

It’s not you, it’s me.  The breakup of a comet


Over a three day period in January of this year, Hubble Space Telescope took pictures of a comet breaking up a mere 67 million miles from Earth.  There is still plenty of material for the comet to last another few trips around the sun, but these images are giving insight to the violent forces that can tear comets apart as they approach the sun.  One of the paragraphs from the main article (which you can read by clicking here):

The observations suggest that the roughly 4.5-billion-year-old comet, named 332P/Ikeya-Murakami, or Comet 332P, may be spinning so fast that material is ejected from its surface. The resulting debris is now scattered along a 3,000-mile-long trail, larger than the width of the continental U.S.


Another tropical storm has formed in the Atlantic. This one is named Karl and is forecast to become a category 1 hurricane by Wednesday. The good news is that models are keeping Karl away from the US coast.



A group of experts from the World Meteorological Association released two new world records regarding lightning.  One is the longest reported distance for a single flash of lightning, and the other is for the longest duration for a single flash of lightning.  As you can see, the longest duration happened in France, and the longest distance happened in Oklahoma.


“Dramatic improvements in lightning remote sensing techniques have allowed the detection of previous unobserved extremes in lightning occurrence and so enabled the WMO committee to conduct a critical evaluation.”  View the entire article by clicking here.


Speaking of lightning, The Des Moines Register reports a bolt of lightning struck the clock on top of the Polk County Courthouse in Des Moines around 3:50 AM Wednesday.


The clock is expected to be fixed “very soon.”


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24 Hour Rain Totals

September 16, 2016

7 AM Thursday to 7 AM Friday

KWWL 2015 MAX Storm ED

Waterloo Black Hawk 1.93
Dubuque Dubuque 0.20
Cedar Rapids Linn 1.15
Iowa City Johnson T
Anamosa 3SSW, IA Jones 1.41
BELLE PLAINE, IA Benton 1.25
Bellevue LD 12, IA Jackson 0.75
CALMAR, IA Winneshiek 2.00
CASCADE, IA Dubuque 1.33
Cedar Falls 0.6 N Black Hawk 2.18
Cedar Rapids 2.2 WSW Linn 1.45
Cedar Rapids 2.7 NE Linn 1.42
Cedar Rapids 3.4 NW Linn 1.64
Center Point 0.6 NNW Linn 2.11
Central City 6.7 W Linn 1.27
Clarksville 0.2 NW Butler 1.03
COGGON, IA Linn 2.24
CONRAD, IA Grundy 2.05
CRESCO 1NE, IA Howard 1.24
Decorah 4.9SE Winneshiek 1.54
Decorah 6ESE, IA Winneshiek 1.45
Decorah 7.9 ENE Winneshiek 1.50
Dubuque #3, IA Dubuque 0.70
Dubuque L&D 11, IA Dubuque 0.55
EDGEWOOD, IA Clayton 1.60
ELKADER 6SSW, IA Clayton 2.22
FAYETTE, IA Fayette 1.76
Gilbertville 1.0 NW Black Hawk 1.25
GUTTENBERG L & D 10, IA Clayton 1.42
HAMPTON, IA Franklin 1.23
Hopkinton 5.4 WSW Delaware 1.57
Independence 1.2 N Buchanan 2.66
IONIA 2W, IA Chickasaw 2.08
IOWA FALLS, IA Hardin 2.31
Kalona 7.3 NNW Johnson 0.01
Latimer 1.9 NE Franklin 1.44
LOWDEN, IA Cedar 0.17
MANCHESTER NO. 2, IA Delaware 2.18
MAQUOKETA 4 W, IA Jackson 0.16
Marengo 2.6 SSW Iowa 1.41
MARENGO, IA Iowa 1.91
Marion 1.2 NE Linn 1.38
Marion 1.7 NNW Linn 1.36
Monona WWTP, IA Clayton 1.98
Monticello, IA Jones 1.50
Mount Auburn 2.2 NNW Benton 1.61
NASHUA 2SW, IA Floyd 1.30
New Hampton 0.3 NNW Chickasaw 1.24
New Hampton 0.4 SW Chickasaw 1.17
Nora Springs 2.4 SSE Floyd 1.54
OSAGE , IA Mitchell 1.43
Quasqueton 1.8 S Buchanan 2.69
Robins 0.4 SSE Linn 1.51
Sigourney, IA Keokuk 0.12
Solon 0.3 ESE Johnson 0.05
ST ANSGAR, IA Mitchell 1.67
STANLEY 4 W, IA Buchanan 2.27
Swisher 0.4 NNE Johnson 0.91
TRIPOLI, IA Bremer 1.50
VINTON, IA Benton 1.27
VOLGA 1NE, IA Clayton 2.19
WASHINGTON, IA Washington 0.01
Waterloo 3.0 NNW Black Hawk 2.31
WAUCOMA , IA Fayette 1.90
Waucoma 0.2 N Fayette 2.12
West Fork Cedar River 3 NNE Kesley, IA Butler 1.40

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ICYMI- Sept 15….Typhoon Meranti/Strong Storms

September 15, 2016

Super Typhoon Meranti made landfall in China today. It is a well formed typhoon with a very tightly closed eye.

Typhoon Meranti

More images can be found here.

The same typhoon caused the Moon to roll through Fuzhou, China:

It is actually a balloon for the The Mid-Autumn Festival. It was ripped free by the strong winds of Super Typhoon Meranti. Peak winds were as high as 190 mph at times as it tracked through the Northwest Pacific.

Closer to home, storms began rolling in after 7PM.  Here’s a view from KWWL viewer Jeff Coen, just west of Cedar Falls.


As those storms moved through the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area, several viewers reported some small hail, along with the heavy rain and gusty winds.  The Waterloo Airport had a peak wind gust of 61 mph at 8:03 PM as the storms rolled through.

Jesup had a wind gust reported in at 50 mph at 9:48 PM.

Viewer Photo Basic 1 Vertical




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ICYMI – Sept 14…Julia/Pacific Typhoons/Sunrise/Sunset

September 14, 2016

Tropical Storm Julia formed Tuesday night over land near Jacksonville, Florida, and continues to bring very heavy rainfall and flooding to parts of the Florida, Georgia and Carolinas coastlines.  It isn’t forecast to move much over the next couple days.


Meanwhile, the western Pacific Ocean is  fairly active.  Typhoon Meranti made landfall on the island of Jinmen near Xiamen, China with sustained winds of 145 mph.  Prior to making landfall in China, the powerful typhoon slammed parts of Taiwan, when the storm was packing 230 mph winds.

Another typhoon, Malakas, is on its heels.  As of Wednesday evening, the winds were 90 mph, but the typhoon is expected to strengthen over open water.   Eventually, the storm is supposed to track between Taiwan and the Yaeyama Islands of Japan around Saturday.  Click here for the latest satellite loop.


It was a quiet day across eastern Iowa with a mix of clouds and sun.  More clouds were found earlier in the day.   Here is a viewer photo of the sunrise, and another of the sunset.

Viewer Photo Basic 3

Viewer Photo Basic 3


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