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October 20, 2017

Jessica Weissenfluh near Waucoma

Ann Marie Lusson Waterloo

Laura Frisch Hammersley Rural Black Hawk County

Patty Mechtel Sumner-Fredericksburg H.S.


John Daniels Iowa County

Steve Kofron Hudson

Dave Lau

Marilyn Schaufenbel near Waverly

Darrell and Juli Dall-Viet Waukon

Stacy Guyer-Oakland West Union

Mike Graber Cedar Rapids


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Temperatures, Drought Improvement and Elevated Fire Danger

October 19, 2017


Here is a look at where the weather instruments are located at the Waterloo Airport.

Low temperatures this morning were mainly in the upper 30s to the mid 40s across eastern Iowa and Black Hawk County. The exception was the Waterloo Airport reported a low of 34 degrees.

There are other weather instruments that are available to us in Waterloo and Cedar Falls area. The map below shows those weather stations reported low temperatures between 38-44. These temperatures are more similar to other reports surrounding Black Hawk County. There are certain nights the temperature at the Waterloo airport is much colder than everywhere surrounding it and this morning was one of those times.


The latest Drought Monitor was released this morning and the conditions continue to improve.

The first map below is the Drought Monitor showing a small portion of Iowa now in drought conditions.

The map below shows the Drought Monitor over the amount of rainfall for the month of October. Notice the lowest rain amounts are where we have some dry conditions still.


There was a moderate to high grassland fire danger today, and will be again Friday, across parts of northern Iowa. Winds are forecast to be stronger Friday from the south. Winds will increase in speed Friday night and remain windy Saturday. The rain chance doesn’t move into the eastern part of the state until the afternoon and evening. Use extra caution in the fields Friday and Saturday.

The cropland fire danger index is higher and more widespread today and is expected to be that way for Friday  Saturday until rain Saturday. Please use caution in the fields for the next 48 hours.


National High and Low Temperature  Thursday, October 19, 2017

99 at El Centro NAS, CA
99 at Ocotillo Wells, CA

11 at Bodie State Park, CA


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Winter Outlook 2017-2018

October 19, 2017

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released the 2017-2018 winter outlook.  Right now, a La Niña pattern is setting up.  This means that the waters of the Pacific Ocean, near the Equator, have colder than normal temperatures.

So, what does that mean in Iowa?  NOAA is predicting that portions of eastern Iowa have a chance of above average precipitation, whether that is in the form of rain or snow.

As for the temperatures, we have equal chances of a colder than average, warmer than average, or “average” winter.  This basically means there are no strong signs pointing one way or the other.

The bottom line here — yes, we will have cold and we will have snow.  Also, expect some bouts of warmer temperatures, and some bouts of very cold temperatures.  After all, it is winter in Iowa.


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Improvement in Drought Conditions

October 19, 2017

The recent rainfall has really put a dent in the drought conditions across the state of Iowa.

The latest US Drought Monitor indicated that 71.33% of Iowa is not experiencing any drought conditions.  That’s an improvement from just 58.80% last week.

More rain is in the forecast Saturday into early Sunday.


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Warm Weather…For Now

October 18, 2017

It was another warm fall day with high temperatures in the 70s. Normal highs this time of year are near 60.  We have a few more days with high temperatures in the 70s and then it turns cooler next week.

Here is a list of how many days Waterloo had a high temperature of 70 degrees or warmer from Oct 1-17 in the last 10 years.



We will be ahead of a cold front Friday and Saturday. A gusty south wind pushes high temperatures in the 70s again. The front if forecast to cross the state Saturday and bring with it a chance of showers/storms. The storm chances ends Saturday night once the front moves east of Iowa. Rain amounts forecast are 0.50″ to 1.00″. Amounts near 1″ will be with any storms, if they develop.  The map below shows the forecast position of the cold front Saturday morning.


The weather is quiet in tropics and nothing is forecast to develop in a couple of days.




National High and Low Temperature Wednesday, October 18, 2017

102 at Ocotillo Wells, CA

14 at Bodie State Park, CA
14 at Lake George, CO


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Weekend Weather Radar Outage

October 18, 2017

 UPDATE October 20, 2017

The previously scheduled outage of the Des Moines Radar has been postponed due to the potential of severe weather on Saturday. The upgrade will be rescheduled at a later date.


Starting Saturday, October 21, 2017, the National Weather Service radar for the Des Moines office will be out of service. The outage is set to last five days.


This outage is planned in order to upgrade certain technological features. The National Weather Service is currently progressing through its Service Life Extension Program, or SLEP, to update radar stations across the country. During the process, obsolete technology is set to be replaced which will increase radar function. These updates will keep the radar system functional through the 2030s.

Nearby radar locations for eastern Iowa to be utilized during the outage include the Quad Cities and La Crosse, Wisconsin offices.

The radar in the Quad Cities is next in line for upgrades after the Des Moines radar.

For more information about the planned radar updates, visit the Radar Operations Center SLEP page here.




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Wet October so far and cold temperatures ahead

October 17, 2017


September was so dry and now October has been the opposite. Here are the rain totals and the amount above normal through the 17th of October.
Waterloo: 4.40″ (+3.00″)
Dubuque: 6.04″ (+4.59″)
Cedar Rapids: 3.43″ (+1.95″)
Iowa City: 3.03″ (+1.48″)

The next chance of rain will be Saturday with early indications of rain amounts around 0.50″.  The map below is the forecast for Friday evening through Sunday evening.

A cold front is forecast to push through Iowa Monday with a slight chance of showers. The bigger story is going to be the colder air and a gusty northwest wind Tuesday. High temperatures are going from the low 70s today to the mid 50s next Tuesday.



National High and Low Temperature Tuesday, October 17, 2017

101 at Palm Springs, CA
101 at Ocotillo Wells, CA

13 at Mount Washington, NH


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Fall and Sunset Photos

October 15, 2017

Several KWWL viewers sent us pictures of fall and/or the sunset from this weekend.  If you ever have a photo to share, feel free to do so on our KWWL or KWWL Storm Track 7 Facebook pages, or email us at

Jared Steven – Lansing


April Martin – Hazleton


Betsy Stahl – Lansing


Brandon Walker – Hudson


Darwin Johnson – near Postville


Dawn Blaser-Rise — Dubuque


Jessica Kruth


Jessica Ricchio – Oelwein Lake


Pat Graetz Erickson – Galena, IL


Debra and Rick Heins -Postville and Tri-City Golf Course in Luana


Sheila Rae- Decorah


Sheila Rae – Waukon


Stephanie Kleiner – McGregor


David Quiram – Parnell


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Heavy Rain Possible Saturday

October 12, 2017


After most of the day with a cloudy sky, our western counties saw some sunshine before it set this evening. Here is a look at the sun as it was setting in Cedar Falls. The sky is clear in the western counties of the KWWL viewing area, but most locations are still cloudy. We stay dry tonight under a partly to mostly cloudy sky.



The latest Drought Monitor was released this morning. Due to rain in the last week the conditions are improving. We still need some rain across parts of southern Iowa. The forecast does include southern Iowa with rain and in some locations 2″ are possible. Light rain is forecast Friday afternoon and night. The heavier rain is likely Saturday with thunderstorms. The rain comes to an end Saturday night with sunshine returning Sunday. It will also be much cooler and with a gusty northwest wind at times to 30+ mph.

The map below shows the risk for flash flooding Saturday.

Rain from last Tuesday was not included in Drought Monitor update below. The map is analyzed from rain reports as of 7 AM on Tuesday and then released Thursday morning, every week.

Storms are in the forecast Saturday. There is a slight risk for severe storms from southern Iowa southwest toward Wichita, Kansas. The primary threat would be large hail and high winds during the mid to late afternoon. Any severe storms in eastern Iowa would south and west of Cedar Rapids.




The latest 8-14 day temperature outlook has Iowa with a likely chance of above normal temperatures from Oct 20-26. That takes us to about the end of the month and no cold air.



Ophelia is the 10th hurricane in the Atlantic season…so far.



The Department of the Interior posted this photo, on Twitter, of Mount Moran in the Grand Teton National Park.

National High and Low Temperature Thursday, October 12, 2017

94 at Needles, CA
94 at Augusta, GA

9 at Lakeview, OR


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October Rainfall (So Far…)

October 12, 2017

With October being almost halfway done (can you believe it?), portions of eastern Iowa have already received their average monthly rainfall totals (and then some).  Meanwhile, others haven’t had quite as much as the average monthly totals, but are on course to meet them as we head into the second half of the month.

As you all know, it was a dry second half of summer into the first part of fall.  We took a look back at our current October rainfall (through October 12th), and found out how many days prior to this month, did it take to receive the amount of rain we’ve received in the first 12 days of the month.  Here’s what we found.

There is more rain in the forecast as we head into Friday and Saturday.  Rainfall totals across the KWWL viewing area will be between 0.50″ in northwestern portions of the area, to 2.00″ in eastern and southeastern portions of the area.


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