ICYMI Oct 12- 32 Degrees/Global Precipitation/Hurricane Nicole

Here is a look at how many days the temperature has been 32° or colder in September and October at Waterloo.


A look at global precipitation… images taken every 30 minutes… including Hurricane Matthew as it churned up the East Coast. Check out the link here.

Hurricane Matthew is now a storm in the past, as millions clean up from Haiti up to the United States.  Hurricane Nicole continues to churn in the Atlantic Ocean, as a major Category 3 hurricane (as of Wednesday evening), and is forecast to hit very close to the small island nation of Bermuda sometime on Thursday.




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ICYMI Oct 11-SPC/Atom/Nicole/Milky Way/Coldest

Here is a look at severe weather by the numbers, in September, by the Storm Prediction Center.



Everything is made up of atoms, but have you ever seen one?  Apparently, you can now. Check out what scientists at the University of California can show you in this YouTube video:


Nicole has become a hurricane (again) and is heading toward Bermuda.


For the latest track and information, visit the National Hurricane Center’s webpage.


Massive Cloud on Collision Course with the Milky Way


Here is a look at the coldest temps in the past few Octobers at Waterloo. So far this year the coldest temp is 34°.




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ICYMI Oct 3… Hurricane Sprites/Extra Launches/Northern Lights/October Normals

Something strange this way comes… or shows up on a far away camera from a hurricane.

Hurricane Matthew is churning through the Caribbean,producing tons of rain with winds of 130 mph as it tracks to the north. On Saturday, it also produced a phenomena that is rarely caught on camera…. sprites!

Sprites are essentially lightning bolts that go out the top of a thunderstorm. They are usually weak and not often seen and are usually a red color.  They last a very short time and are hard to catch on camera. Which is why the fact that at least 28 of them were caught on camera on Saturday is an amazing feat!

There is a little more from The Weather Channel at this link.  More color photos on another post from The Weather Channel are here.


With the first Monday in the books, let’s look at the October averages and extremes for the month.


October ALO Almanac


October DBQ Almanac



Every 12 hours certain National Weather Service offices around the country send a balloon (radiosonde)  in the sky to gather valuable data. The stars on the map below show where the balloons are launched from.

After the data from the balloon is sent back to the office it is then put into computers to help with the forecast.  The idea is, the more current and reliable data you get into the calculations, the  forecast output (forecast information) would be closer to reality. Now because of Matthew, a large hurricane forecast to run up the east coast this week, they are putting more balloons in the sky. The sites along the east coast are launching  them every 6 hours. The map shows you the sites with the two extra launches per day.


Here is a view of Hurricane Matthew Monday from the International Space Station (ISS). The ISS is 250 miles above the storm.

4Below is the video as the ISS passes over the hurricane.  (video speed 4x)


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July 2016 Weather Stats

Here’s a look back at the precipitation and temperature statistics for the month of July for Waterloo, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

ALO Monthly Review 2016


DBQ Monthly Review 2016


CR Monthly Review 2016


IC Monthly Review 2016


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Warmer Yet Still Cooler Than Normal

Nice to see the high temperature above 60° for the first time in at least 7 days.



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March Stats

Here are you March stats. Temps were above normal and precipitation was close to normal.



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Above Normal Temperatures

The average monthly temp during meteorological winter (Dec/Jan/Feb) was above normal for each month.

The map below shows the temperature winter outlook from NOAA before the winter began.



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Monday Night/Tuesday Morning Snowfall Totals



Aplington 3.5
Cassville, WI 3.5
Cedar Falls 4.3
Charles City 2.0
Clarksville 4.0
Cresco 4.5
7.9 mi ENE Decorah 4.2
Dubuque (Airport) 1.5
Dubuque 3 NE 2.0
Edgewood 3.5
Eldora 1.3
6 mi SSW Elkader 3.3
Fayette 5.5
Ft Atkinson 4.3
Grundy Center 1.8
Guttenberg 4.0
Hampton 3.0
Harpers Ferry 4.0
Independence 3.0
Ionia 5.0
Iowa Falls 3.5
Jesup 3.5
Kieler, WI 2.8
Lancaster, WI 2.0
LaPorte City 3.0
Manchester 2.6
Monona 4.1
Muscoda, WI 2.3
Nashua 4.2
New Hampton 5.0
Nora Springs 2.5
Osage 3.4
Parkersburg 4.0
Platteville, WI 4.0
Prairie du Chien, WI 3.4
St. Ansgar 3.0
Steuben, WI 2.8
Strawberry Point 4.2
Traer 0.5
Tripoli 3.2
Volga 4.6
Waterloo (Airport) 3.7
Waterloo (KWWL) 3.3
Waucoma 3.0
Waukon 4.0
Waverly 2.0
West Union 4.5

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Warmest December on Record?

No doubt about it….it has been a warm December. As we get closer to the end of the month I thought I would take a look at some of the numbers for Waterloo. The chart below shows the average temperatures, for December, from 1950. On the right side of the chart there is a list of the top 10 warmest Decembers on record.


Here is a break down of the number of degrees above and below normal each day so far this December for Waterloo, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Notice most days we were 10-20 degrees above normal for the day.


The temperature outlook through the rest of the month is above normal. So the way it looks right now, we won’t have a problem reaching the record.





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Warm December…So Far

I know there is still a lot of time left in December, but I thought I would take a look at the early numbers. Through the 7th of December it is the warmest December on record, at Waterloo. Again, we still have a lot of December to go to change the average temperature. The chart below is the average temperature in December at Waterloo through the 7th.

High temperatures Thursday are forecast to reach the mid 50s. During this time of the month and later, reaching 55° doesn’t happen very often. Check out the chart below showing the lack of 55°+ days in December.


The outlook leading up to Christmas keeps a good chance of above normal temperatures across Iowa.



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