Dense Fog Advisory Friday Night

Fog Advisory

Tonight: A DENSE FOG ADVISORY is in effect. Areas of  fog continue to be dense in many locations. Light rain showers and drizzle are possible with temperatures remaining above freezing with lows in the mid 30s.

Saturday: A DENSE FOG ADVISORY is in effect during the morning. Fog is thick again through at least the morning hours. It improves slowly into the afternoon in some locations. Isolated light showers are possible. It will be a mild day with temperatures in the 40s and low 50s.

Wind Forecast

Saturday Night: Not much change with areas of dense fog and drizzle. Low temperatures mainly above freezing (32-35).

Sunday: Morning fog reveals a cloudy sky, but at least it will be dry. Mild temperatures in the low 40s continues.

Monday: This day might be our only chance for a few rays of sunshine. It will not be sunny…just a few rays of sunshine. Clouds will dominate with highs near 40.

Only a few light showers are possible through Monday evening. The map below shows the rain forecast through from Friday evening through Monday evening. 


Tuesday: Rain develops in the afternoon with highs close to 40.

The map below shows the position of the storm Tuesday morning and it is forecast to move northeast across Iowa Wednesday.


Wednesday: As the storms east past Iowa, there is a transition from rain to snow. Temperatures are cooler with morning highs in the mid 30s.

Thursday: Breezy and colder with highs in the lows 30s. A few light snow showers or flurries linger as the storm moves away from Iowa.

Friday: Clouds linger with a high near 30.


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Thursday evening weather update

Fog Advisory

Click on the DENSE FOG ADVISORY graphic above for a video update.


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Dense Fog Advisory

DENSE FOG ADVISORY has been expanded north to Highway 20. Use caution overnight. Fog thins mid to late Tuesday morning.

Fog Advisory


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Dense Fog Advisory Tonight

A DENSE FOG ADVISORY is in effect for parts of eastern Iowa tonight. Visibilities will be reduced to less than 1/4 mile at times.
Fog Advisory

DMA Visibility3D


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Light Rain, Drizzle and Fog Tonight

Fog is reducing visibility to less than 1 mile at times across eastern Iowa. Make sure to turn on your headlights when driving.
DMA Visibility3D

Tonight: Light rain, drizzle and fog will continue until late tonight…maybe about 3 or 4 AM. Temperatures remain above freezing until the rain/drizzle end. At that point the temperatures will drop into the upper 20s. The fog also thins out as the temperatures drop.

Tuesday: Wind gusts to 30 mph from the northwest bring in colder air. Temperatures in the morning will be the warmest of the day in the upper 20s. Temperatures fall through the day and be in the teens by evening. Little to no sunshine is expected.
Wind Forecast

Tuesday Night: The gusty northwest wind continues through the night as temperatures drop into the single digits by morning. The clouds slowly break up overnight.

Wednesday: The wind gradually diminishes during the afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. We are in for another stretch of Arctic air and it began Tuesday night. Check out the potential wind chills Wednesday morning.
DMA FutureTrack Wind Chill

Thursday/Friday: The sky is mostly cloudy both days with highs in the single digits Thursday (coldest day of the week) and warming into the teens Friday.



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ICYMI Sept 20…Fog/Flooding Debris/Italy

It was a foggy start across parts of the KWWL viewing area Tuesday, especially northeast Iowa.  Dense Fog caused several school districts to delay the start of school for two hours early this morning.  Here’s the view from early this morning in Coralville and Dubuque on our Storm Track 7 Live Weather Network cameras.
Weather Bug Multi 2 Cam social








This is the result of the Upper Iowa River flooding at the end of August. The debris field is located in the Big Slough in Pool 9, right across from Blackhawk Park near New Albin (Allamakee County). These photos were taken by Mike Brennan on Sunday.



Suomi NPP #VIIRS Day/Night Band.  The University of Wisconsin-Madison posted the snapshot of moonlit fog.  This was revealed from the  Suomi NPP VIIRS Day/Night Band.  (VIIRS stands for Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite).

moonlit fog











The photo below is a view of the southern tip of Italy from the International Space Station on September 16, 2016.



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A Foggy Start….For Some


A small area of Iowa had very thick fog early Friday morning with visibility less than 1/4 mile.

This was taken in Cedar Falls at 9:15 AM. There are houses about 200-300 feet away from where the picture was taken and the UNI is typically seen on the horizon. The bright light is the sun.


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A Foggy Morning in Dallas, TX

The low clouds/fog were not very thick (vertically). The drone stayed lower than 400 feet. Here is the morning sounding (vertical profile of the atmosphere) from Fort Worth, TX .

Dec 9 FWD Sounding

If you watch the video above, once the drone gets above the clouds/fog the sky is clear and sunny. If you look at the sounding above you can see why. The red line (temperature) and green line (dewpoint) spread out indicating dry air resulting in a clear sky. At the bottom of the image (lowest part of the atmosphere) those two lines come together where the low clouds/fog were.


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Fog Time Lapse

Time lapse of fog in Seattle this week. Video is from KOMO news.


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River Valley Fog

The clear sky this morning allows the visible satellite to show fog in the river valleys Sunday morning.

Sep 29 fog


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