Temperature Drop Due to Storm

The high temperature in Cedar Rapids today was 89° at 4:52 pm with a heat index of 100°. An area of rain/storms was moving northeast and approaching the city around 5:30 PM. The downdraft in the storm was pulling cooler air toward the ground. The rain cooled air in the storm resulted in a temperature drop of 17° in less than one hour.  Officially 0.08″ of rain fell at the Eastern Iowa Airport. Farther south into Johnson County, rain amounts were around 1.25″ in one hour.


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June 2017 Weather Review

June started off on a dry note, but we did play catch up by the middle of the month.  Waterloo ended up with above normal rain, while Dubuque, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City ended up with below average rain.  It was also a warmer than average June.



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Temperature afghan 2016

Take a look at these photos. This is a temperature afghan. A viewer crocheted this throughout 2016. Each row is one day and represents the high temperature that day. The colors are correlated to the high temperature of the day. Here is the color scale to the temperatures:
Below 0: White
Single digits: Gray
Teens: light purple
20s: Dark purple
30s: Blue
40s: Green
50s: Light Green
60s: Yellow
70s: Orange
80s: Red Orange
90s: Red

8 9


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Spring is not far away

Spring Starts


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Friday Morning Sunrise

In case you missed it Friday morning, many of us had a beautiful sunrise.  Here are the pictures submitted through Facebook and Twitter.  As always, if you have any to share, feel free to do so.

Patrick Trepp- Cedar Rapids

Patrick Trepp- Cedar Rapids

Amber Hemenway - Waterloo

Amber Hemenway – Waterloo

Ann Marie Lusson - Waterloo

Ann Marie Lusson – Waterloo

Ashley Rodgers - Janesville

Ashley Rodgers – Janesville

Lani Hill - Waterloo

Lani Hill – Waterloo

Laurie DeGroote - Butler County

Laurie DeGroote – Butler County

Melissa Ledesma - Waterloo

Melissa Ledesma – Waterloo

Mike Graber - Cedar Rapids

Mike Graber – Cedar Rapids

Peggy Hall - Waverly

Peggy Hall – Waverly

Rebecca Manship - near Beaman

Rebecca Manship – near Beaman

Whitney Schiller - Cedar Falls

Whitney Schiller – Cedar Falls


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Long Range Snow Forecasts

One word….WRONG…  Every winter people make and/or share outrageous posts about 90″ of snow 2 weeks from now. That is not going to happen. Here is some information to help educate yourself. Please don’t share these outrageous posts.




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Personalized Travel Weather Forecast

Either you are traveling this week or maybe you have travel plans down the road…you might want to save this link. It gives you a personalized forecast along your route from start to finish. Here is the link.
The images below give you a step by step on where to click and what to type.





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ICYMI Nov 6… Italy Tornado/Earthquake/Fall Color

A tornado touched down near Rome Italy on Sunday, killing two people and injuring dozens more.  The tornado touched down near the city of Ladispoli, just north of Rome.  There was also major flooding reported in other parts of the country, including in Florence.  Read more here.


A magnitude 5.0 earthquake occurred in central Oklahoma near the city of Cushing Sunday evening at 7:44 PM.  The earthquake was initially reported as a 5.3, before the USGS downgraded to a 5.0.  The Cushing Police Department has reported “quite a bit of damage” following the quake, however there has been no reports of any injuries as of Sunday evening.

KWWL 2015 MAX Storm ED

As we get later and later in the fall season, we are seeing less and less trees with leaves across Iowa.  Here are a couple photos sent in by viewers this weekend.  If you even have a photo you’d like to share, you can post them on our KWWL Storm Track 7 Facebook and Twitter pages, or e-mail as at weather@kwwl.com

Viewer Photo Basica 3

Viewer Photo Basic 3



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ICYMI Oct 22–October Snow/Warm Temperatures/Orionids

While we were basking in sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70°, parts of the northeast saw an October Snow.


That photo was courtesy of NWS Burlington in Vermont.  As much as 3 to 5 inches of snow is expected, especially in higher elevations, in New York, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Closer to home here in Iowa, we had October snow…just 3 years ago.  In fact, one inch accumulated in Waterloo.


We are now toward the end of October, where high temperatures should normally be in the upper 50s to near 60°.  That wasn’t the case today.


There’s a good chance that the warmer than normal (or near normal) temperatures will continue through the end of the month.


The Orionid Meteor Shower continues, even through the peak was October 21st.  Look in the southeast sky for a few meteors through November 7th.  Click here to learn more.

orionid-radiant (2)


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ICYMI Oct 15 – “Hunter’s Supermoon”/Making Marbles/Antares Rocket

The “Hunter’s Moon” – October’s full moon – is happening tonight. The name “Hunter’s Moon” derives from the fact that this is the time of year that hunters being stocking up for the winter ahead. This will also be a supermoon and appear slightly bigger. The moon will reach is closest point to our planet Sunday evening at 7pm CDT (0000 UTC).  Unfortunately for us here in eastern Iowa, clouds and scattered rain will stop of from seeing this event.


For more information, click here.

Interested in seeing how marbles are made? For the childhood favorite, it takes quite a bit of work (and heat!) but the end result is fun for many. Click here for the video.


Orbital ATK will be launching it “Antares Rocket” Sunday evening, August 16th.  The rocket will be delivering 5,100 pounds of supplies, science research, and vehicle hardware to the crew at the International Space Station.  This is the 6th cargo resupply mission Orbital ATK has had with NASA.  The launch, of course, is weather pending.  Click here for more information on the rocket launch.


Click here for more photos of Antares.


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