Friday Morning Sunrise

In case you missed it Friday morning, many of us had a beautiful sunrise.  Here are the pictures submitted through Facebook and Twitter.  As always, if you have any to share, feel free to do so.

Patrick Trepp- Cedar Rapids

Patrick Trepp- Cedar Rapids

Amber Hemenway - Waterloo

Amber Hemenway – Waterloo

Ann Marie Lusson - Waterloo

Ann Marie Lusson – Waterloo

Ashley Rodgers - Janesville

Ashley Rodgers – Janesville

Lani Hill - Waterloo

Lani Hill – Waterloo

Laurie DeGroote - Butler County

Laurie DeGroote – Butler County

Melissa Ledesma - Waterloo

Melissa Ledesma – Waterloo

Mike Graber - Cedar Rapids

Mike Graber – Cedar Rapids

Peggy Hall - Waverly

Peggy Hall – Waverly

Rebecca Manship - near Beaman

Rebecca Manship – near Beaman

Whitney Schiller - Cedar Falls

Whitney Schiller – Cedar Falls


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ICYMI Nov 13 – Earthquakes/Satellite Launch/Supermoon/Sunset

Two different earthquakes struck this morning – one in New Zealand and one in Argentina. The New Zealand quake was the strongest of the two, measuring in as a magnitude 7.8. This initial earthquake resulted in a tsunami.  Read more by clicking here.


Many aftershocks were already felt by late morning.

A few hours later, another quake was felt across the planet. A magnitude 6.2 struck South America.


A new weather satellite is set to launch November 19th at 4:52 PM CST.  A rocket carrying the latest weather satellite from NOAA, GOES-R will fly 22,000 miles above Earth, giving meteorologist a view of what’s going on below.  Read more about the satellite by clicking this link.


You’ve likely heard about the November “Supermoon.”  Well, it is finally here!

Full Moon Graphic

We do have some clouds around tonight, but they are high clouds so we won’t be completely overcast.  It will also be visible Monady night, however we do have clouds in the forecast then as well.  Click here for more information. Below are some viewer pictures.

Todd Moon in New Albin

Todd Moon in New Albin


Photo by: Amber Stueben in Cedar Falls

Photo by: Amber Stueben in Cedar Falls


Photo by: Carol Pfister in West Union

Photo by: Carol Pfister in West Union


Photo by: Marty Dvorak in Bremer

Photo by: Marty Dvorak in Bremer

As mentioned, there are some high clouds in our sky Sunday night, which developed late Sunday afternoon. They made for a fantastic sunset earlier.  Here are several photos from KWWL viewers on Facebook and Twitter:


Mike Graber in Cedar Rapids

Mike Graber in Cedar Rapids


Dianne Borowski, just east of Decorah

Dianne Borowski, just east of Decorah


Wade Clark in Cedar Falls

Wade Clark in Cedar Falls


Corinna Smith in Urbana

Corinna Smith in Urbana


Douglas Davies in Jesup

Douglas Davies in Jesup


amber stueben

Amber Stueven in Cedar Falls

carol johnson postville

Carol Johnson in Postville


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ICYMI Nov 6… Italy Tornado/Earthquake/Fall Color

A tornado touched down near Rome Italy on Sunday, killing two people and injuring dozens more.  The tornado touched down near the city of Ladispoli, just north of Rome.  There was also major flooding reported in other parts of the country, including in Florence.  Read more here.


A magnitude 5.0 earthquake occurred in central Oklahoma near the city of Cushing Sunday evening at 7:44 PM.  The earthquake was initially reported as a 5.3, before the USGS downgraded to a 5.0.  The Cushing Police Department has reported “quite a bit of damage” following the quake, however there has been no reports of any injuries as of Sunday evening.

KWWL 2015 MAX Storm ED

As we get later and later in the fall season, we are seeing less and less trees with leaves across Iowa.  Here are a couple photos sent in by viewers this weekend.  If you even have a photo you’d like to share, you can post them on our KWWL Storm Track 7 Facebook and Twitter pages, or e-mail as at

Viewer Photo Basica 3

Viewer Photo Basic 3



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ICYMI Oct 29 – Sandy Anniversary/Cedar River/Iowa Sunsets

Today marks the four year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy making landfall in New Jersey. The storm caused tremendous damage due to storm surge during its lifetime.

The track of Superstorm Sandy in 2012

More than two inches of rainfall fell just to the north of the KWWL viewing area, in parts of northern Iowa, which has lead to some minor flooding along the Cedar River.  The Cedar River at Cedar Falls is currently experiencing minor flooding, but is expected to fall starting Sunday morning.


You may notice a slight rise at other locations along the river, but as of now the forecast is for the river levels to stay below flood stage.

It has been an unseasonable warm weekend across eastern Iowa.   Temperatures today (Oct. 29) were in the lower 60s north, to middle and upper 70s south.  We had a mix of sun and clouds, and that made for nice sunsets across the region.

Viewer Photo Basic 3

Here’s another view from Traer.  Thanks to viewer, Trista Zimp.


And, another sunset, from Cedar Falls.  This one from Amber Stueben.

amber stueben cf


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ICYMI Oct 24 – World Record Temp/Hole Punch Clouds/Seymour

The world record high temperature of 134 degrees was set in Death Valley (Furnace Creek), CA on July 10, 1912 …but did it?


There has been research as to the validity of the report. Back in February of 2013, there was a paper published showing, what was through to be the world record (136° in northern Libya), the reason why that record was no longer a valid record.

This would now make the 134° report at Death Valley the world record. Well…not so fast. Click here and take a look at some research that has been done on that temperature reading just posted. As of now 134° is the record. We will wait and hear from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says about it.


Hole Punch Clouds and Sundog


Hurricane Seymour (Cat 2 storms) is in the eastern Pacific Ocean Monday afternoon and forecast to strengthen. At this point the forecast keeps it away from land.




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ICYMI Oct 9….First Frost/Matthew now post-tropical/Earthquake/Fall Foliage

When is the typical first frost in eastern Iowa?

First Frost Dates

Well…we’re well past that date for many. The past two nights (Friday and Saturday nights) have been the coldest since the spring time. “Frost” refers to when temperatures fall into the mid 30s…causing some frost on plants/crops. “Freeze” is when temperatures fall below the freezing point of water (32°F). We’ve received reports of frost this weekend but some warmer air is on the way the next few days.

For more information on frost and freeze in Iowa, click here.

The once hurricane Matthew is now post-tropical cyclone Matthew. At the time of the change, Matthew still has hurricane force winds. The difference is simply in the structure of the storm. A more in depth explanation of tropical vs post-tropical cyclones can be found here.

There were 3 earthquakes recorded less than 300 miles off the Oregon coastline today.  Fortunately, tsunami warnings were not issued.

Three earthquakes with magnitudes ranging from 4.1 to 4.8 occurred several hundred miles off the Oregon coast on Sunday, but none triggered tsunami warnings.
The U.S. Geological Survey says the 4.8 quake was recorded last and occurred at about noon about 260 miles west-northwest of Coos Bay.

KWWL 2015 MAX Storm ED

You’ll notice more vibrant colors on the trees as we go through the next few weeks, as many areas across eastern Iowa are reaching peak Autumn color.

Peak Fall Colors

This was sent to us from a KWWL viewer in Washington.

Courtesy: Twitter user @Valhalla620

Courtesy: Twitter user @Valhalla620


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ICYMI Oct 8…Hurricane Matthew/Chilly Start/Fall Leaves

Hurricane Matthew continues to dominate the headlines in the weather world.  The storm made an official landfall at 10 AM southeast of McClellanville, South Carolina as a Category 1 hurricane with sustained winds of 75 mph.  It’s been more than 12 years since South Carolina has had a hurricane make landfall.


Here’s the latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center.


Closer to home here in eastern Iowa, it was a CHILLY start, with temperatures in the 30s.  Some of our Weather Trackers reported frost early this morning.


Saturday night will be another cool one with upper 30s to lower 40s for overnight lows.

With the longer, cooler nights, leaves will continue to change color.  Here’s a photo from a viewer that was taken Saturday afternoon.

Photo credit: Amber Hemenway

Photo credit: Amber Hemenway


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ICYMI Oct 2…Fall Foliage/Hurricane Matthew/Weather Balloons

The first weekend of October is behind us, and now that the daylight hours are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler, we are starting to see some color on the trees.


Within the next few weeks, we will see an increase in vibrant colors across eastern Iowa as the leaves on the trees continue to change color, and eventually fall.  Here’s the peak fall foliage across Iowa, courtesy of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.


If you have any fall photos you’d like to share with KWWL this season, feel free to send them our way.

Contacts FB-Twitter-Email

Our friends along the eastern seaboard (and weather enthusiasts across the country) are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Matthew, which continues to slowly move through parts of the Caribbean Sea.  As of Sunday evening (10/2), Matthew is a Category 4 hurricane with winds of 145 mph.  The trend has been for the storm to weaken a bit, then reorganize the eye and strengthen shortly after.  This is pretty typical for strong hurricanes.  National Hurricane Center forecast is fore Matthew to track slowly to the north, with major affects on Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba and the Bahamas early in the week.

HUIR Later in the week as the hurricane tracks north, it may indirectly impact Iowa, by slowing down the flow of the atmosphere, similar to Hermine last month.2015 Tropics

Each day National Weather Service offices across the country send up a “weather balloon”, which has a radiosonde attached the measures various weather parameters at different levels of the atmosphere.  These are sent up twice a day; 7 AM and 7 PM; and the information gathered by these balloon launches are then put into the numerous computer forecast models.  Several NWS offices near/along the east coast are sending up balloons every few hours to get a grasp on where Matthew will track, and how strong the hurricane will be.  Here’s a picture of one of those launches Sunday afternoon, from the National Weather Service office in Key West, Florida.

NWS Key West weather balloon


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Tuesday Sunset


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ICYM- Sept 18….Sunrise/Fall Foliage/River Flooding

The sky was mainly clear Saturday night, allowing for a great sunrise across eastern Iowa.  This was taken in Waverly.

Social pic


That nice sunrise lead to a day with lots of sunshine.  Southwest winds, along with the sunshine, pushed temperatures into the 80s Sunday afternoon.  Despite it feeling like summer, some viewers caught signs of fall this afternoon.

bob ulen waukon

Joe Irwin Volga Lake (Fayette County)

Joe Irwin
Volga Lake (Fayette County)

Danae Goodrich Evansdale

Danae Goodrich

Fall officially begins this Thursday (September 22nd), so we will be seeing more shots like the ones above in the days and weeks ahead.  We start noticing a peak north of Highway 20 beginning the last week of September (on average).  Click here to learn more about leaves changing color in the fall, from the IOWA DNR.


Recent heavy rains have continued to impact area rivers.  The Cedar River at Cedar Falls and the Iowa River at Marengo have flood warnings.



Our weather pattern turns a bit active this week, as a frontal system stalls out.  As of now, it looks like the heaviest rain falls in parts of northern Iowa and southern Minnesota.

p168i (1)


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