Sunsets and Rain?

Sunset Thursday evening.


Also BREAKING NEWS…what is that? Can it be? I looks like a few rain showers.


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This post was written by Schnack on September 14, 2017

Sunday Evening Storms

A weak cold front tracked through eastern Iowa Sunday, which sparked a couple stronger storms across portions of the KWWL viewing area, mainly in a scattered line from Dubuque to Cedar Rapids.  That made for some picturesque scenes.  Here are some viewer photos:

Mammatus clouds in Dubuque – Danny Murphy


Mammatus clouds in Dubuque, looking toward Wisconsin – Robert Shade


Mammatus clouds and a sunset in Kieler, WI – Angela Beauchamp


Mammatus clouds in Dubuque – Amanda (@fanofthearts on Twitter)


Hickory Hills Park – Waterloo. Jessica Selleck


South of Hudson – Shawn Caslavka


Rain shaft near Dubuque – Amanda (@fanofthearts on Twitter)


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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on August 27, 2017

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Funnel Clouds Sunday Afternoon

For the most part, the weekend was pretty calm weather wise, with cooler temperatures and tolerable humidity levels.

Sunday brought us a mix of sun and clouds, with temperatures in the lower to upper 70s.  Most of the rain has stayed north and south of Iowa.  However, an area of rain and storms developed along a weak boundary in northeast Iowa and southwest Wisconsin, which lead to a few funnel clouds developing.

Fortunately, these types of funnel clouds don’t last very long, and do not lead to the formation of tornadoes since the environment is not favorable.

Craig Schmidt (north of Monona)

Pam Schultz (near Monona)

Carol Johnson (near Postville)

Rod McLane and Lana Troester (near Monona)

Carley Looney (south of Waukon)


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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on August 6, 2017

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Lightning and Golf Do Not Mix

Lightning struck the tee box area at “The Legend at Bergamont” golf course in Oregon, WI


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This post was written by Schnack on July 12, 2017

EF-1 Tornado Tuesday Evening

The National Weather Service has confirmed the tornado near Conroy Tuesday evening was rated an EF-1 with peak winds estimated at 105 mph.

So far, no reports of injuries.

3 miles NE of Williamsburg [Iowa Co.]

TORNADO of EF1 , 05:35 PM CDT Tuesday July 11. The tornado touched down northeast of Williamsburg and produced damage to mainly trees and crops along its 4.6 mile path. Its max width was 60 yards. Two houses sustained damage to windows and siding. One farm outbuilding lost part of its roof, and another was partially destroyed. The tornado lifted at 5:54 pm.


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This post was written by Schnack on July 12, 2017

Does “Heat Lightning” Exist?

The answer is simply, no.  It is a common misconception, and don’t worry, even I thought heat lightning was a “thing” when I was younger.

A lot of times in the summer months, we get several pictures of lightning sent to us with the caption “heat lightning”.  People refer to this as heat lightning, because the sky is mainly clear, and they can see flashes of lightning in the distance, and think it is caused from the heat and humidity.

The truth is pretty simple: All lightning is associated with a thunderstorm.  You are simply seeing the tops of the thunderstorm clouds (and associated lightning) from a distance.  The picture above was taken in Cedar Falls, looking southeast toward storms that popped up in the overnight hours in parts of Tama and Benton counties.  You can see the moon in the right hand corner, indicating the clear sky over Cedar Falls.

So why can’t you hear the thunder?  You are only able to hear thunder if you are within 10-15 miles from a storm.  You can see lightning up to one hundred miles away from a storm (the speed of light is faster than the speed of sound).

That being said, if you can hear thunder, you are close enough to the thunderstorm, you are close enough to be struck by lightning.  As the saying goes, “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors.”


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Funnel Clouds Wednesday Evening

There have been many reports and photos of funnel clouds this evening.  These funnel clouds rarely reach the ground.  The funnel clouds reported only lasted about one minute or two.

Here are some of the photos.




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Mammatus Clouds

Severe storms moved through eastern Iowa Wednesday evening. As they moved away from the area we were left with a great look at mammatus clouds.


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Rainbows Saturday Afternoon

Areas north of Highway 20 had scattered rain and even a few thunderstorms Saturday afternoon into the early evening.  This made for some great photo opportunities with rainbows and double rainbows appearing after the rain.  Here are some of the viewer photos sent in.  Enjoy.

Sue Torkelson – Allamakee County


Epworth – Tracey Gruhn


Denise Schreiber-George –


Sheila Panos – New Albin


Rebecca Janzig – Dubuque


Ciara Oder – Waterville


Candice Chaloupka –


Patrick Valant – Dyersville


Michele Bussan – Durango


Brittany Davis – Postville


Boscobel, WI – Mike and Haley Stanley


Lynnette Ihde – Monona


Kathy O’Neill – Asbury


Audrey Saterton – Decorah


Amy Thomas – Platteville, WI


Jaimi Bradfield


Jackie Larson – Prairie du Chien, WI


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Clouds Wednesday Evening






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