Record Rainfall This Morning

Earlier this morning, a few showers and even fewer thunderstorms tracked through the area. During that time, Dubuque received almost an inch of rain – breaking a 136-year record.

Most of the area stayed dry overnight. Only a narrow band of rain fell from Williamsburg north east through Dubuque.


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Snowiest January day in Waterloo

Snowiest January day in Waterloo was on Jan. 3, 1971.
Waterloo Fact


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ICYMI Nov 17- Earth from Mars/ Earthquake Aftermath/ Records/ Lightning

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab released this photo of Earth… seen from Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars!

Earth from Mars Curiosity Rover Credit NASA JPL

As you may recall, a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand, killing two people.  Scientists say that because of the quake, the seabed lifted nearly two meters (6 feet) in the city of Kaikoura of South Island.  Read more here, and see aerial shots of New Zealand before and after the earthquake.

new zealand

Today might be the last day we see high temperatures like this again for awhile. Cedar Rapids and Iowa City tied the record. Des Moines reached 76 degrees (previous record 75 1941).

Record Highs vs Actual DMA High Today3D



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ICYMI Oct 24 – World Record Temp/Hole Punch Clouds/Seymour

The world record high temperature of 134 degrees was set in Death Valley (Furnace Creek), CA on July 10, 1912 …but did it?


There has been research as to the validity of the report. Back in February of 2013, there was a paper published showing, what was through to be the world record (136° in northern Libya), the reason why that record was no longer a valid record.

This would now make the 134° report at Death Valley the world record. Well…not so fast. Click here and take a look at some research that has been done on that temperature reading just posted. As of now 134° is the record. We will wait and hear from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says about it.


Hole Punch Clouds and Sundog


Hurricane Seymour (Cat 2 storms) is in the eastern Pacific Ocean Monday afternoon and forecast to strengthen. At this point the forecast keeps it away from land.




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ICYMI Oct 17 – Warm/Hurricane Nicole/Launch

It felt more like summer than the middle of October across much of the nation. There a few records in Iowa today. Iowa City tied the record high temperature of 88 set in 1950. Other records broken were in Des Moines 87 (previous record 86 in 1950) and Burlington 89 (previous record 87 in 1950).
Record Highs vs Actual

Dodge City, KS had a temperature of 100 degrees.



Still churning to the north, hurricane Nicole is moving through the Atlantic Ocean. It is tied with “Lester” for the longest lived named storm of 2016 in the Northern Hemisphere. Nicole is the longest lived Atlantic tropical cyclone to form in October since 1932 – with a lifetime of 13 days. The last time a hurricane reached north of 40°N, like Nicole is now, was hurricane “Gonzalo” in 2014.


Orbital ATK Launches to ISS from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility


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This post was written by Rachael Peart on October 17, 2016

Cold Sunday Morning

It’s feeling more like late October or late March across eastern Iowa this weekend. Lows Sunday morning across eastern Iowa were in the lower to middle 30s, with some outlying areas reaching the upper 20s.

DMA Low Today3D

Waterloo and Dubuque both tied their record low temperatures of 32° (2004 and 1997, respectively).  The temperature in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City were within one or two degrees of reaching the record low.  Those record, which date back to the 1920s, still stand.

Record Lows vs Actual

If you’re not a fan of this unseasonable cold weather, there is good news.  We are looking to warm things up the second half of May. (1)




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Warmest St. Patrick’s Day 4 Years Ago

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Temperatures this year are running slightly above normal, but just 4 short years ago, we were breaking record high temperatures left and right across eastern Iowa.  This includes March 17th, where the big four cities all reached the 80s, and all broke record highs for this date.

st patricks


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Record Warm Saturday

Yes, it is still February.  High temperatures across eastern Iowa on Saturday were in the upper 50s to middle 60s with lots of sunshine and breezy southerly winds.  Parts of southwestern Iowa reached the 70s!

DMA High Today3D

Record highs were broken in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids, but fell a little short in Dubuque and Iowa City.  Record or not, still a beautiful February day.

Record Highs vs Actual

What a difference a year makes.  On February 27th, 2015..record lows were being broken.  A record low was recorded in Waterloo, Cedar Rapids and Dubuque last year.  High temperatures were only in the single digits.

Feb 27

Sunday and Monday will be mild, but not record-breaking.  Temperatures return closer to normal by Tuesday.





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A Taste of Spring

I hope you get a chance to go outside and enjoy the warm weather heading our weather this weekend. Normal highs this time of year is the mid 30s.

Weekend Graphic

The only record high temperature in jeopardy appears to be Waterloo.
Record Highs vs Forecast




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Coldest Temperature in Iowa

Story from the National Weather Service:

February 3, 1996: Extremely cold temperatures that began on January 31st persisted into early February with wind chills as low as -79 F at Mason City on the morning of the 2nd and high temperatures of -20 F recorded at Elkader and Oelwein that afternoon. Temperatures finally bottomed out on the 3rd with all-time record lows occurring across the region, including -47 F at the Osborne Conservation Center southwest of Elkader which tied the all-time Iowa low temperature record set in 1912. All-time records were broken on the morning of the 3rd at about 20 percent of the official observing sites around Iowa including Albia with a low of -31 F, Muscatine and Toledo at -34 F, Belle Plaine and Indianola at -35 F, Fayette at -40 F, and Chariton where the reading of -38 F broke their all-time record which was set just three days earlier on January 31st. Over the four days from January 31st through February 3rd the statewide average temperature was -13.5 F making it the second-coldest four day stretch on record in the state. Des Moines reported an unprecedented 132 consecutive hours below zero from January 30th into February 4th.


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