Record High Temps Monday

Our stretch of warmer than normal temperatures continued today with record or near record high temperatures early this morning.
Record Highs vs Actual DMA High Today3D

There will be colder weather Thursday through the weekend, but we are back into the 40s for highs next week. The trend for above normal temperatures is likely through at least December 28. The map show an 80% chance of above normal temperatures between December 22-28.


The chance of a white Christmas doesn’t look good. Right now there is a chance for some light snow on Christmas eve. Keep in mind this is way out there, but there has been some hinting at some rain changing to light snow by model guidance. I am sure this will change a few times, but as of right now that would be our only chance of a “White Christmas“.
Historically speaking, here is the probability of having 1″+ of snow on the ground Christmas morning.



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24 Hour Rain Totals and Broken Records

Below are rain totals from 7 AM Saturday to 7 AM Sunday

*note it was still raining after 7 AM Sunday in many locations*

Location County 24-Hour Rain
Waterloo Black Hawk 1.83
Dubuque Dubuque 0.63
Cedar Rapids Linn 0.41
Iowa City Johnson 0.49
Ackley 9.2 NNE Butler 0.84
Ainsworth 7.4 N Washington 0.26
Amana 4.7 W Iowa 0.50
Anamosa 3SSW, IA Jones 0.63
Bellevue LD 12, IA Jackson 0.30
CALMAR, IA Winneshiek 1.17
CASCADE, IA Dubuque 0.58
Cedar Rapids 3.4 NW Linn 0.58
Central City 6.7 W Linn 0.28
CLUTIER, IA Tama 0.40
COGGON, IA Linn 0.62
Coralville 1.8 NW Johnson 0.45
Decorah 6ESE, IA Winneshiek 2.74
Decorah 7.9 ENE Winneshiek 0.92
Dubuque #3, IA Dubuque 0.58
Dubuque L&D 11, IA Dubuque 0.50
Dysart 3.1 N Tama 0.71
ELKADER 6SSW, IA Clayton 0.62
Ely 0.5 SE Linn 0.70
GUTTENBERG L & D 10, IA Clayton 0.52
HAMPTON, IA Franklin 0.89
IONIA 2W, IA Chickasaw 1.00
IOWA CITY, IA Johnson 0.64
IOWA FALLS, IA Hardin 0.97
Latimer 1.9 NE Franklin 0.75
LOWDEN, IA Cedar 0.27
MAQUOKETA 4 W, IA Jackson 0.26
Marion 1.2 NE Linn 0.58
Marion 1.7 NNW Linn 0.69
Monona WWTP, IA Clayton 1.20
NASHUA 2SW, IA Floyd 1.10
New Hampton 0.4 SW Chickasaw 1.39
North Liberty 1.0 ENE Johnson 0.52
Oelwein 0.8 WNW Fayette 1.31
Parnell 0.1 SSW Iowa 0.40
Robins 0.4 SSE Linn 0.53
Solon 0.3 ESE Johnson 0.60
TRAER, IA Tama 0.88
TRIPOLI, IA Bremer 2.98
VINTON, IA Benton 0.46
VOLGA 1NE, IA Clayton 0.55
WASHINGTON, IA Washington 0.50


At 1 AM, Waterloo broke today’s daily record rainfall when 0.65″ was reported at the airport. Dubuque, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City have also broken December 13th’s daily rainfall record.  Here are the final rainfall amounts from December 13th.

Daily Rainfall Record Big 4

From midnight to 4 AM, Waterloo airport then recorded 1.69″ breaking the one-day December record rainfall set at 12/5/1982. See image below for total rainfall for December 13th, the wettest December day on record.

One-Day Rainfall Record

As of December 13th, this is the second wettest December on record so far in Waterloo.

Also, December 13th was the wettest day on record between the months of October and April.


Today’s record highs are also being broken across the area. Dubuque, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City broke their daily record highs for today early this morning when temperatures were in the 60s (30° above normal for this time of year). Below are what the new record highs for today are as of 7:03 PM (12/13)

Record Highs vs Actual


Record warm lows were also recorded across eastern Iowa yesterday (12/12).

Record Warm Lows


And record warm lows could be broken again today. Below are the current records and forecast lows for today (12/13):

Record Warm Lows vs Forecast

*Note: These record numbers may change. *


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Waterloo’s Top Ten Rainiest Days

Yesterday, 8/28/2015, Waterloo recorded 4.10″ of rain. This smashed the daily record rainfall of 2.30″set back on that date in 1936. 4.10″ is also the 8th highest daily record rainfall report in Waterloo since records began 120 years ago. Below are the top 10 rainiest days in Waterloo according to the National Weather Service:

  1. 6.00″ on September 8, 1941
  2. 5.49″ on July 2, 1999
  3. 5.31″on July 16, 1968
  4. 5.25″ on July 30, 1942
  5. 4.92″ on August 20, 1966
  6. 4.50″ on September 19, 1919
  7. 4.35″ on June 15, 1980
  8. 4.10″ on August 28, 2015
  9. 4.06″ on July 17, 1968
  10. 4.00″ on August 19, 1912 and September 26, 1915


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World Record High Dew Point

Our humidity level will go up this weekend as dew points climb above 70°. The highest dew points we ever see here in Iowa are in the low 80s…now that is humid. I have one better. On July 8, 2003, Dhahran, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia the dew point soared to 95°. Yes 95°. That is a world record high dew point. Here is the observation at 1 pm that day.

Click here to see the hourly observations from that day.

Dhahran is located along the coast of the Persian Gulf.

So when we deal with the warmer temperatures and higher humidity Sunday/Monday…just remember it can always be worse.


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Record Cool High Temperature

A record cool high temperature of 65° was set today in Moline, IL. Previous record was 68° in 2009


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Record Cold Friday

Cold Thermometer
-30 Stanley 4 mi W
-28 Elkader (previous record -18 in 1935)
-27 New Hartford
-24 Waterloo (previous record -14 in 1897)
-21 Dubuque (previous record -12 1879)
-21 Tripoli
-21 Coggon
-21 Cresco (previous record -18 in 1897)
-21 Belle Plaine
-20 Cedar Rapids (previous record -10 in 1897)
-19 Vinton
-19 Fayette (previous record -16 in 1994)
-18 Cedar Falls
-17 Oelwein 1 mi E
-17 Toledo 3 mi N
-17 Lowden
-17 Allison
-17 New Hampton (previous record -15 in 2014)
-16 Williamsburg 3 mi SE
-14 Iowa City (previous record -8 in 1897)


Coldest place in the nation this morning 4 miles south of Rudyard, MI with -33.


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Coldest Night of the Season Possible

That is correct. It could be the coldest night of the winter.
Coldest temperatures so far:

Waterloo: -18 Jan 6
Dubuque: -15 Jan 8/Feb 5
Cedar Rapids: -15 Jan 7/Feb 5
Iowa City: -14 Jan 8

Here is the forecast tonight.
Record lows are in jeopardy for Friday.

Record Lows In Jeopardy
Here is an update on how much snow has fallen so far this year compared to last year at this time.



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Coldest Iowa Temperature


From the NWS:

On This Day in Iowa Weather History

February 3

1996: Extremely cold temperatures that began on January 31st persisted into early February with wind chills as low as -79 F at Mason City on the morning of the 2nd and high temperatures of -20 F recorded at Elkader and Oelwein that afternoon. Temperatures finally bottomed out on the 3rd with all-time record lows occurring across the region, including -47 F at the Osborne Conservation Center southwest of Elkader which tied the all-time Iowa low temperature record set in 1912. All-time records were broken on the morning of the 3rd at about 20 percent of the official observing sites around Iowa including Albia with a low of -31 F, Muscatine and Toledo at -34 F, Belle Plaine and Indianola at -35 F, Fayette at -40 F, and Chariton where the reading of -38 F broke their all-time record which was set just three days earlier on January 31st. Over the four days from January 31st through February 3rd the statewide average temperature was -13.5 F making it the second-coldest four day stretch on record in the state. Des Moines reported an unprecedented 132 consecutive hours below zero from January 30th into February 4th.


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Iowa Record Low Temp

Temperatures were in the teens below zero this morning. It doesn’t come close to the record low temperature for Iowa. On this date in 1912 Washta (east of Sioux City) had 47 below zero. I hope we don’t break this record anytime soon.



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A Record Cold Year



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