A Chilly May…so far

It hasn’t been the warmest of days lately. The last time Waterloo had high temperatures near normal was May 8. We had just one day with temperatures above 75° and it was 87°. The 87° reading is also the warmest temperature so far this year. Through May 15th, the average monthly temperature at Waterloo is 3.8° below normal. The chart below shows the high temperatures (red bar) and the low temperatures (blue bar) for the month of May through the 16th. The pink dots are the normal highs for that day and the light blue dots are the normal lows for that day as well.


The map below, issued at the end of April, shows the temperature outlook for May. In eastern Iowa there was a low chance of above normal temperatures.

The 6-10 day outlook (below) issued today,  for May 22-26, shows above normal temperatures are likely. High temperatures get back into the 70s Saturday and close to 80 Sunday and Monday.



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This post was written by Schnack on May 16, 2016

Cold Sunday Morning

It’s feeling more like late October or late March across eastern Iowa this weekend. Lows Sunday morning across eastern Iowa were in the lower to middle 30s, with some outlying areas reaching the upper 20s.

DMA Low Today3D

Waterloo and Dubuque both tied their record low temperatures of 32° (2004 and 1997, respectively).  The temperature in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City were within one or two degrees of reaching the record low.  Those record, which date back to the 1920s, still stand.

Record Lows vs Actual

If you’re not a fan of this unseasonable cold weather, there is good news.  We are looking to warm things up the second half of May.

610temp.new (1)




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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on May 15, 2016

Cold May Weekend

There’s no doubt about it, if you’ve stepped outside at all this weekend, you know it’s a bit chilly for mid-May standards.  High temperatures Saturday were in the upper 40s to middle 50s.  Normally temperatures this time of year should be in the lower 70s.

The cold temperatures continue tonight.

Frost AdvisoryTemperatures will be dipping down to the lower and middle 30s, which means frost is possible.  There may be a few clouds that track through after midnight to our west, keeping the potential for widespread frost low.  However, northeast Iowa has the best potential.  Be sure to cover up plans that are sensitive to the cold temperatures, or bring them indoors. Stay warm!

Temperatures by early Sunday morning could break record lows for May 15th.

Record Lows In Jeopardy



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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on May 14, 2016

Near Normal April…So Far

Our recent warm weather was well above normal for the middle of April. If you add in the first part of the month, where it was really cold, it pretty much balances out to near normal…so far.

1 2 3 4

Charts from Iowa Enviromental MesoNet.


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This post was written by Schnack on April 19, 2016

Warm Weekend

We’ve had a very nice stretch of warm, dry weather across eastern Iowa due to a large ridge in the mid levels of the atmosphere, blocking any storm systems from tracking into Iowa.  Here’s a look at the highs from Saturday (4/16).


Many areas reached the 80° mark, which is about 20 degrees above the average for April 16th.

Here’s the last time it hit 80°+ for the big four cities:

Waterloo: October 11, 2015 – 83°

Dubuque: September 24, 2015 – 81°

Cedar Rapids: April 3, 2016 – 81°

Iowa City: April 3, 2016 – 81°

Temperatures for Sunday will be similar, and the at or above average temperature trend is forecast to continue through the end of the month.





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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on April 16, 2016

Average Last Freeze

Saturday morning’s temperatures were COLD.  Lows dipped into the middle teens to lower 20s.

DMA Low Today3D

Early to mid April is generally the last freeze many of us see across eastern Iowa.  A “freeze” is considered 28° or colder.

Last freeze


Sunday’s temperatures will be warmer, but there will be a brief cool down.  The GOOD NEWS—warmer temperatures are in the near future.  Here’s the temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center.



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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on April 9, 2016

Cold Saturday Morning

Cold Thermometer
Average Last Freeze (28° or colder)
Decorah Apr 23
Waterloo Apr 18
Dubuque Apr 13
Cedar Rapids Apr 10
Iowa City Apr 8

Low temperatures Saturday morning forecast to reach the low 20s with the usual colder spots potentially in the upper teens.


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This post was written by Schnack on April 7, 2016

Spring Begins

Spring officially began at 11:31 PM (March 19th).  It’s the exact moment the sun’s rays are shining directly over the Equator, known as the “Vernal Equinox”.

Spring Equinox


From this point forward, the sun’s rays will be directly shining more over the Northern Hemisphere.  The “Autumnal Equinox” in September is the same process, except after that day the sun’s rays shine more directly over the Southern Hemisphere.

This is the earliest spring we’ve had since 1896!

Looking forward, temperatures are forecast to be below average, overall.  Here’s the outlook for March 27th through April 2nd from the Climate Prediction Center.



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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on March 19, 2016

Warm But No Records

Record Highs vs Actual


It was a warm day, but not near any records. The records for March 7 were set in 2000 in the mid-upper 70s.

Here is a look at the rest of the high temperatures today.

DMA High Today3D

Here is a look back at the first seven days of March this year compared to 2015 and 2014 at Waterloo.


The latest 8-14 day outlook puts a 70% chance of above normal temperatures from March 15-21.





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This post was written by Schnack on March 7, 2016

Spring Dates to Remember

Meteorological spring is well underway, so we thought we’d let you know of some dates to remember.

Spring dates to rememberWe turn our clocks back March 13th.  It’s also a good reminder to check the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Astronomical spring (Vernal Equinox) officially starts at 11:31 PM on March 19th.

Even though it’s spring, it can still get cold.  Here’s a look at the state of Iowa and the average last date for frost.  (The last two dates are for the Waterloo area)

Last_FrostIf you’re wanting those spring-like temperatures, you’re in luck. Here’s the temperature outlook for March 9th – March 13th.

610temp.new (1)





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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on March 4, 2016