TRACKING: Weekend Winter Storm

A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect for most of the KWWL viewing area from Saturday afternoon through Sunday evening.

Light snow tracks in by early afternoon. Snow continues through the evening, overnight and into Sunday. At times, snow may be moderate. Highs today are expected to be warmer than the past few days – into the low to mid 20s.

Winds pick up later tonight, reducing visibility due to blowing snow. Overnight lows only drop a degree or two in most places…into the upper teens to low 20s. Sunday will be even warmer with highs into the low 30s. Light snow continues through Sunday morning. We may have a short break in the snow late Sunday morning. Most of the snow tracks out by Sunday evening with a few flurries are possible late Sunday.

It looks like most of the snow will fall on Saturday (especially overnight). An additional 1-2″ are possible on Sunday. Snow totals across eastern Iowa will range from 6-8” north of Highway 20. Between Highway 20 to Cedar Rapids 4-6” and then south of Cedar Rapids 1-4”. There will likely be a sharp cutoff south of I-80.

Expect slick roads beginning this afternoon through Monday.

For more weather information, click here.

Snow Forecast DMA Hand

Winter Weather Advis

Storm Impacts


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Two Rounds of Snow this Weekend

Light snow or flurries will end this evening with a clearing sky overnight. The wind gradually diminishes late tonight and stays light through Friday night. We start Friday with sunshine then clouds increase in the afternoon. High temperatures only reach the upper teens.

Winter Storm Timing

We will have two rounds of snow this weekend:

Round 1:
Snow begins around midday Saturday and continues through the night before ending early Sunday morning. The heaviest snow will be north of Highway 20 (3-6”). South of Highway 20 will be lighter (1-3”).

Snow Forecast DMA Hand

Round 2:
This round of snow begins late Sunday afternoon into Monday morning. Snow totals with this round could be 3-6” for all of eastern Iowa.

Tuesday comes around with a light snow shower or flurries. This is the leading edge of the frigid air. Highs in the single digits and teens with lows dropping down below zero at night.

Colder than normal temperatures are likely  through at least the end of next week. 




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Snow On Ground

The clouds cleared this morning revealing where snow was on the ground.



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ICYMI Dec 5 – Canadian Model – BRRRR – 47″ of Snow –

Getting the forecast right is the ultimate goal for Meteorologists. We use many different kinds of model guidance to help us with that and one if them is the Canadian model. It might be getting an upgrade in the near future. Click here for the details.


Below normal temperatures in Alaska and western Canada are coming south this week with high temperatures in the teens and 20s and potential wind chills above and below zero.

47″ of snow in 36 hours…Check out the time lapse…this was in April 2016 in Evergreen, CO.




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First Snowfall of the Season

Here’s a list of snowfall totals from weather trackers and the National Weather Service.  The forecast Saturday night called for 2-4″ across much of eastern Iowa, with 1-2″ south of Interstate 80.  As you can see from the map below, many areas saw more than forecast.  Initially, the thinking was there would be a little rain mixed in south.  That did not happen.  There was also a nearly stationary, heavy snow band that set up just east of Iowa City and Washington, and dumped 6-10 inches of snow in far eastern Iowa.

This was a heavy, wet snow, perfect for snowman making weather.  Some of the snow melted once the snow tracked out, due to temps above freezing.



Snow Totals - 4 Lines

Town Amount
Waterloo (Airport) 2.6
Dubuque (Airport) 5.6
Cedar Rapids 4.0
Iowa City 4.0
1 ENE Anamosa 5.4
1 SE Cedar Rapids 4.0
1 SE Vinton 4.0
1 SW North Liberty 4.0
1 WSW Iowa City 4.2
2 ENE Palo 4.5
2 NNW Fayette 3.5
2 NNW Shellsburg 4.5
2 NW Marion 5.0
2 SSE Iowa City 4.0
2 W Cedar Rapids 4.2
2 WSW Iowa City 4.7
2 WSW Iowa City 4.2
5 NE Cedar Rapids 4.0
Ainsworth 7.0
Allison 4.0
Anamosa 5.5
Atkins 4.5
Belle Plaine 2.5
Bertram 4.2
Cascade 3.1
Cedar Falls 4.0
Center Junction 4.0
Denver 4.0
Durant 5.0
Edgewood 4.5
Elmira 5.5
Harpers Ferry 3.8
Hopkinton 5.0
Lowden 6.0
Maquoketa 4.5
Marion 6.0
Mount Vernon 4.2
Parnell 4.0
Prairieburg 5.0
Quasqueton 4.7
Robins 5.5
Solon 3.9
Toledo 4.0
Washington 5.5
Waterloo 1 SW 3.0
Wellman 3.5
Williamsburg 4.0
Wyoming 4.5

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24-Hour Snow Totals

Snow Totals from 7 AM Saturday to 7 AM Sunday

*Note: Snow was still falling across eastern Iowa after these reports came in. Complete snowfall totals will be posted later.*

Location County 24-Hour Snow
Waterloo Black Hawk 1.4
Dubuque Dubuque 2.4
Cedar Rapids Linn 1.2
Iowa City Johnson 2.0
Ainsworth 7.4 N Washington 2.0
ALLISON, IA Butler 4.0
Anamosa 3SSW, IA Jones 2.4
Bellevue LD 12, IA Jackson 2.0
CASCADE, IA Dubuque 2.9
Cedar Rapids 2.2 WSW Linn 1.2
Central City 6.7 W Linn 2.0
CLUTIER, IA Tama 2.0
COGGON, IA Linn 2.2
CRESCO 1NE, IA Howard 2.0
Decorah 4.9SE Winneshiek 2.1
Dubuque #3, IA Dubuque 2.4
Dubuque L&D 11, IA Dubuque 1.2
Dysart 3.1 N Tama 2.4
ELKADER 6SSW, IA Clayton 1.1
FAYETTE, IA Fayette 2.3
FULTON, IA Jackson 3.0
HAMPTON, IA Franklin 3.3
IONIA 2W, IA Chickasaw 2.5
IOWA CITY, IA Johnson 0.5
IOWA FALLS, IA Hardin 2.0
Kalona 7.3 NNW Johnson 0.8
LOWDEN, IA Cedar 1.2
MAQUOKETA 4 W, IA Jackson 2.0
Monona WWTP, IA Clayton 1.8
Monticello, IA Jones 2.0
NASHUA 2SW, IA Floyd 2.6
New Hampton 0.3 NNW Chickasaw 1.5
New Hampton 0.4 SW Chickasaw 1.5
Nora Springs 2.4 SSE Floyd 2.0
Oelwein 0.8 WNW Fayette 3.0
Protivin 4WSW, IA Chickasaw 3.0
Robins 0.4 SSE Linn 2.5
Solon 0.3 ESE Johnson 1.7
TOLEDO 3 N, IA Tama 3.0
TRAER, IA Tama 2.5
TRIPOLI, IA Bremer 2.1
VINTON, IA Benton 2.5
VOLGA 1NE, IA Clayton 1.8
WASHINGTON, IA Washington 1.0
Waterloo NWS Snowfall, IA Black Hawk 1.4

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Why Long-Range Snow Forecasts are Wrong

In the past 7-10 days I have been asked about a major winter storm in the middle of next week. The problem with that is when all of this started it was about 10-14 days before the “storm”. Here is another way a looking at long-range snow forecasts. Any details you read about or share are most likely going to be wrong. My best advise is not to share that kind of information 10-14 days out.



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ICYMI Nov 30 – Circumhorizon Arc/ Colder Days Ahead/ Snow Cover/ White Sands

Circumhorizon Arc

November is going to go down as the second warmest November on Record. Things might be changing as we head into December, the first month of Meteorological winter (Dec/Jan/Feb). Temperatures are might be colder than normal December 8-14.


Here is a look at the snow cover across the U.S. today compared to November 30, 2015.


The White Sands of New Mexico looks like snow. Click here for a more detailed look at the photo and why it looks that way.


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Snowiest Day in Waterloo

On Nov. 30, 1934, 14.0″ of snow fell making it the snowiest day ever in Waterloo. Here is the weather map from that day.


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ICYMI Nov 27…Nebraska Tornado/Spain Waterspout/Snow Depth/Tis The Season

While it doesn’t happen often, tornadoes CAN occur in November across the Midwest, and even here in Iowa.  A few tornado warnings were issued earlier Sunday evening in Nebraska.


Below is a screenshot of a video taken by a gentleman living in Minden, Nebraska.  Click here to view the video on Twitter.  You can see it’s a “rope” tornado.


As mentioned, it doesn’t happen often, but it’s not impossible to see a tornado in Iowa during November.  Since 1980, there have been 41 tornadoes reported in our state.

Tornado Climate

Across the pond, there was a waterspout spotted off the coast of Spain.  See the video below:

Switching gears to snow.  Last year at this time, 34.5% of the United States was covered in snow.  This year (as of November 27th), 15.4% of the U.S. is covered in snow.


Snow depth – 2015


Snow depth – 2016

Here in Iowa, it has been a dreary Sunday evening.  Despite the rain, it looks pretty festive with the lights in downtown Waterloo.



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