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March 24, 2014 2 Comments

One of my favorite quotes is from Eleanor Roosevelt. “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

I often read this quote out loud after I see things that are posted about me or my colleagues on social media. I’ve talked about living in the glass fish bowl before. I can handle negative things people have to say about me…after all, it’s human nature. People who know barely anything about you will be the first to judge you.

There is one particular gentleman who loves to post negative things about me on the FB wall of a former colleague of mine. Never once has this man reached out to me to voice his concern or opinion with ME…the one he has such great disdain for. This same man has also written nasty things about Ron on that same FB wall. So what is more disappointing…the fact that person goes out of their way to vent about me and Ron? Or the fact that a former colleague leaves that nonsense on their wall for all to see?

I could spend endless hours analyzing why people say this…and why others say that…but why waste the minutes in MY day. My plate is full of plans, ideas and aspirations. I’m striving to be considered a “great mind” and distance myself from “small minds.”

– AG



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  1. NE Iowa Mom says:

    Very well said! You are doing such a great job at KWWL, as I’ve said several times prior to this time! Same for Ron Steele!

  2. rescuemom says:

    Again, why is it so much easier for people to be nasty rather than kind? And these negative comments are coming from an adult? Obviously I do not know this person or what comments were made, but it seems to fall under the common “hide behind the computer” philosophy we have these days. I’m willing to bet he is an insecure person as well. Stay strong, Amanda!

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