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July 8, 2015 1 Comment

Ariana Grande, former Disney star and now pop singer is causing a bit of a controversy.  Long story short- there is surveillance video of her inside a donut shop…she licks some donuts that are on display…then proceeds to exclaim, “I hate America.”

There is no need to share any thoughts on what she did because A) the video kind of says it all and B) I don’t like when people blog, comment or pass judgment about me so I am not going to be a hypocrite.

But I knew it was going to be a good teaching lesson for my daughter. She and I have had many dance parties to Ariana Grande’s music.  Giana frequently says things like “I love her! She’s so cool!” I know my daughter looks up to her.  Look I get it. When I was in 4th grade, I went around my house and put on every single rosary my parents had…threw on some black sunglasses and started rolling around on the ground.  “AMANDA DIANE!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”  “Mom, relax. I’m just pretending to be Madonna…she’s SO COOL!”  Clearly my parents did not want their 4th grade daughter emulating the music video “Like a Virgin”…so one week later the cable guy showed up….and removed MTV from the lineup. Talk about devastation.

So I walk into her room today and say, “Hey…have a second? I want to show you something.” So I show her the surveillance video.  “Why is she licking those donuts???”

We talked about poor choices…and how people make mistakes.  I told her that Ariana has since apologized…but that’s not the point.  It’s one thing to have manners and good behavior when everyone is watching…but our true character is defined by how we act when we think NO ONE IS WATCHING.

Then I said, “I want to show you a couple of pictures of people I think you should know about.”

So I pulled up Malala Yousifazi.  I told Giana how the Taliban tried to kill her…all because she fought for children to go to school.

I showed her a picture of Eleanor Roosevelt and explained how she was the “first” First Lady who made sure she was heard.  She fought for more women in the workplace and civil rights…she wasn’t afraid to make some waves.  Her husband, the President of the United States, looked to her as an advisor.

I showed her pictures of Mother Teresa, Harriet Tubman, Margaret Thatcher and Marie Curie.  I told her about Jessica Savitch…who has always been described as a hot head, but she certainly paved the path for women like myself in journalism.

Giana kind of looked at me with an expression like “ok, you showed me a bunch of pictures of old ladies…most of whom are not alive.”

I told her “these are good role models. They are strong women who were smart, assertive, persistent and gracious.  They have left a lasting mark on history.”

I showed her pictures of my grandmother….my mother and my mother-in-law.  Three successful and passionate career women who ALWAYS put their faith and family first.

I left her room not knowing if she got what I was trying to tell her.  But it’s important to me as the mother of a daughter, to open her eyes.  Good role models don’t always appear on a stage in front of thousands with fancy costumes and luxurious hair.  Good role models are often working behind the scenes…or under the same roof as us.

That’s where I found mine.



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  1. NE Iowa Mom says:

    Well said! Your daughter is so lucky to have you for a mother!

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