CEO of Chaos

August 19, 2015 1 Comment

CEO of Chaos. It’s my new title. I gave it to myself.

When my daughter was born, I slept when she napped…so I always felt “rested.”

When my son came along, I was able to sleep when he napped.  Our daughter was in daycare, because we wanted her to be with friends doing art projects, playing games outside and going on field trips…all things that wouldn’t disrupt her routine.

This time around…there is no napping. There is no routine.  It is a free-for-all.  We are in the final stretch of summer…we are getting restless up in here.

My oldest is an amazing help…she is a mini-mommy so-to-speak. She is kind, sweet, sensitive and always follows the rules. She wants to hold the baby, help change her diapers, picks out her clothes, helps give her baths. “Do you need help feeding her?” Umm…considering the fact that I’m nursing…I’m good thanks 🙂

Then there is my son. My charismatic, charming, ENERGETIC, rambunctious son. From the moment he was old enough to talk, I told my husband, “He is not the youngest child. He is a textbook middle child.” I speak from experience…I am a middle child.  He is “ON” and LOUD from the moment he wakes up at 6:30am until the second he crashes…oh let’s say around 9:00pm. Some of the acting out now is for attention…just wants to make sure we see and hear him with the new baby around.  But for the most part, it’s WHO he is.  We call him the Mayor…he’s like a mini-politician. (We’re still trying to figure out his political affiliation. ha)

The baby is very chill and relaxed…the only time you will hear her cry is when she is getting bathed. The girl does not like it. At all. She is very happy and healthy. And especially healthy when it comes to her digestive system…girlfriend has some very “productive” diapers.

There are smashed pieces of Goldfish crackers on my living room floor, empty apply juice boxes hidden under my couch, my sink is filled with dishes because our new dishwasher isn’t hooked up yet (my hatred of actually washing the dishes dates back to childhood), there are clothes busting out of the hamper (even though I swear I JUST did the laundry), there are now soaked “clean” clothes hanging outside because oops I wasn’t paying attention to Mark’s weather, dishes from this morning’s 6:45 breakfast are still sitting on the table, I just walked past a mirror and thought “WHOA, perhaps you wanna do something to that hair today?” Oh yeah…and I weighed myself today. That was fun. About as much fun as giving birth to a 10-pound baby. My sweet husband calls from work to ask me how everything is going…and I know he’s secretly relieved that he gets a little “break” from the chaos.

It’s absolute chaos up in here…but I absolutely love it.  Before I know it, my 7-year-old will be 17 and she will be “too cool” for our mid-afternoon dance parties to MOMMY’S music (A little Earth Wind and Fire anyone??) My rambunctious 4-year-old will soon rather be out with his friends instead of curling up on my lap. And my sweet little newborn will soon rather be in her room with the door closed talking on the phone with her friends.

So yes…my house is a mess.  I’m forced to take my showers around 11 at night.  No makeup has touched this face since my last night on the news.  My hair (extensions and all) stays in a permanent ponytail. I live in sweatpants and old ratty t-shirts (I’m rocking one from 1995 right now). I consistently smell like Bath & Body lotion with a strong hint of baby spit-up. I watch my kids play 5 hours of Just Dance when it’s raining outside. “Mom, are you watching?? Mom, watch…are you watching?” Our house is chaotic…noisy…messy. But it’s filled with belly laughs and plenty of ear-to-ear smiles. (And the fridge has wine. A glass of wine during my late-night shower is always good)

CEO of Chaos. A title I am proud to have.

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  1. Jen says:

    Love it! Glad to hear about all the normal stuff no one likes to admit!

    And I thought I was the only 30 year old who liked Earth Wind and Fire… Ha!

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