“She would have walked a lot sooner if…”

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The baby started walking about a month ago. Ok, there were two nights where she was a walking machine and then she just stopped.  She was like, “Alright I’m done with this…I like crawling better.”  And truth be told…I liked it like that.  I’m in no rush for her to grow up.

Cue a couple of days ago…she is walking all over the place.  Our house is her runway. She sashays everyone with a big, cheesy grin on her face.  When she gets to her “destination,” she claps for herself…she is very proud.

Today I was on the phone with someone and I said, “Yep – she’s got this walking thing down now!” And the response I got was this: “She would have walked a lot sooner if you breastfed longer.”


I literally put the phone down and put my head in my hands. I was trying my best to breathe to bring my blood pressure down.

I then heard, “Hello? You there?”

“Yep. I’m here.  Well hey, I have to get going…have a good rest of your day!”

It’s moments like this when I miss land lines.  Because there was never anything as satisfying as hanging the phone up by slamming it.

I’m not a doctor…and I don’t pretend to be one on TV…but I am pretty sure there is no correlation between walking and breast milk.  I was walking at 8 months and I was breastfed ZERO days.

I could have gone into the fact that I breastfed as long as I could with my three kids….I could have gone into the stories of all of the struggles I had breastfeeding…I could have gone into all of the moments I cried and worried that I was failing my kids because I stopped breastfeeding.

But I didn’t. Because I didn’t need to. Because I made a decision that was best for ME and for my CHILDREN.

Breastfeeding is like every other aspect of motherhood…I do the best that I can.

Our children are healthy…they are happy…they are LOVED.

As a mom, I am learning something new, every single day.  And I welcome advice and suggestions.  It’s how I learned that Vicks on the bottom of the feet works wonders with a head cold…garlic really can cure a lot of ailments…white vinegar can get stains off of the kitchen floors…and only use Orajel on the baby’s gums at night.  I love having an arsenal of information from moms who have “gone before me.”

But the mommy shaming…the mommy guilt. Nope. No time for it.


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