We can do better

August 10, 2016 0 Comments
Katie Ledecky is shattering records and already has 2 golds at Rio.
Simone Biles proved she is one of THE BEST athletes in the world.
Kerri Walsh-Jennings is on track to win her 4th consecutive gold.
Just three of the MANY female athletes who are showing the world they can dominate their sport.  So I have to say…I am disappointed when I see endless articles, stories or tweets that say, “The best nail art at the Olympics,” or “Women’s hair fashion in Rio.” Or my favorite, “She’s back after gaining 50 pounds during pregnancy!” Can I cue my eye-roll now?
How much more do women have to do to prove that we are more than just hair…makeup…clothes and nail art?  I feel badly for those women.  They aren’t there to showcase their nails or hair.  They’ve busted their tails their entire lives because they are passionate about their sport.  They’ve pushed their bodies in ways I can’t even fathom.  How about we talk about their intense training schedules…how about we talk about how young they were when they got into the sport…how about we talk about all of the sacrifices they had to make, or the sacrifices their families had to make…how about we talk about their love for the sport? 
Let’s start changing the conversation.  Let’s stop focusing on all of the superficial nonsense.  It’s about being an athlete.  And in their cases…it’s about being THE BEST IN THE WORLD. 
I have two young daughters.  I want them to dream BIG and set lofty goals.  And when the day comes they achieve it all, I want them to get recognition for more than the design that is on their nails.
We can do better. 
We need to do better.
For our daughters.
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