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October 18, 2016 0 Comments

So…I parted ways with the title “Anchor Mom.”  The blog is still here…it’s still the same…but I felt like it was necessary that I change the title.

I got several emails from people asking me why…one woman said, “it’s who you are!”

Well — that’s just the thing.  I’ve never been one for labels…and that is exactly what I did to myself…I made myself “Anchor Mom.”  I am more than an anchor. I am more than a mom.

I think that label pigeon-holed me.  I was often hit with a lot of assumptions that I didn’t have the “chops” to cover politics.  I remember when I was at the Iowa Caucus, I got an email that said: “I was surprised to see you doing that story.”  I’ve received a lot of those emails over the years.  There has always been an underlying tone from people that I should cover the “mommy” stuff…the light-hearted fluff news…the luncheons and breakfast meetings.

Yes I am a woman.  Yes I am a mom.  But I’m also a journalist with a college degree…many years of experience from the trenches on up…and a couple of Emmys.

Luckily I work for a company who knows that I have the “chops” to cover ALL news.

So a little tweak was necessary for my soul.  Because let’s be honest…my blogs aren’t always light and fluffy 😉

So goodbye to “AnchorMom”…

It’s time to go Off Script…



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