Class is canceled? No. Get back up

November 14, 2016 0 Comments

I’m not going to blog about the results of the election…because I am a journalist.  And despite the trend of mainstream media, I am not going to give my thoughts or opinions…because that’s not my job…my job is to report facts.

I was scrolling through a news website the other day when I saw it: “Colleges cancel classes to help students cope with the results of the election.”

Um. What?

I read further and saw that counselors and therapy dogs were brought in…mid-term exams were postponed or canceled altogether…”cry-in” sessions were held.

I am going to be honest…my first initial thought was: this is what happens when participation trophies are handed out.  When you’re constantly rewarded for just showing it…you don’t know how to handle disappointment.  You’re expecting to be coddled…you’re expecting to be told how wonderful you are even if you produce sub-par results.

Articles, blogs and stories from across the country are reporting that these college students are “afraid for their future,” etc.  Again, I am not going to get into politics.  But I will say this: crying, whining, complaining, not showing up…none of that will get you anywhere in life. None of that will promote the change you are hoping to see.

The younger generation is brilliant…they are ridiculously tech savvy.  But in my opinion…they need to toughen up.

If you’re reading this and you’re part of the younger generation…I’m not saying that to be mean…I’m saying that to prepare you.  Otherwise, you are going to be faced with a lifetime of disappointment.

Life is not always fair.  In fact, there will be many parts of your life where you will ask, “Can I get a freaking break?”

You won’t get the job you wanted.  You won’t make the money you think you should.  You won’t be able to afford the car you want or the apartment you love.  There may be times where you can’t pay the rent, electric bill or the cable bill.  The girl who has less experience than you, may get promoted over you. Your boss may make you work long past 5:00 on a Friday. You may realize what you just spent four years majoring in, is not what you want to do for the rest of your life after all.

The real world is full of disappointments.

But staying home won’t help.  Crying about it won’t change it.

Get up.

Stay determined.

If you don’t like something about your life…your community…your country…your world…CHANGE IT.

Because I can assure you of one thing…when disappointment slaps you in the face in the real world…your boss is not going to hand you a cup of hot cocoa and tell you to take the day off.

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