iPhone Frustration

July 27, 2008 2 Comments

It’s that time again – I’m in search of a new cell phone. And I narrowed it down to three candidates before doing my research – the Blackjack, the Blackberry Curve and the new iPhone 3G.

Next came the research. I interviewed people I knew already had each of the three phones. I read reviews in tech magazines, checked my favorite tech blogs and made a list of what I wanted in my new phone.

While the Blackberry and Blackjack are the industry leaders in many ways, as an avid Apple user, the iPhone won my vote in the end – and not just because it’s a fashion statement. The Blackberry wins for heavy e-mail users and the Blackjack is slick and is pretty versatile with Internet use, photos and music. But in the end the iPhone would fit my multimedia lifestyle and would be more compatible with my iBook at home – at least that was my rationale.

Having made my final decision, I was excited to get my hands on the must-have item. Easier said than done.

Finding an iPhone turned into a treasure hunt. Authorized AT&T dealers like Best Buy and Radioshack don’t sell the iPhone.  Only Apple stores and AT&T stores sell the phone. But, because of the overwhelming demand, all of the stores are out of stock and you can’t order the phone online or over the phone. After some quick online reading and a few phone calls, I figured out that I would have to go to an AT&T or Apple store and order the phone, and then go back to pick it up when it arrived. That proved a problem because I live in Waterloo and the closest AT&T store is in Cedar Rapids and the closest Apple store is in Des Moines. Ugh.

So, I drove to Cedar Rapids and ordered my phone – only to find out it would take 3 weeks for it to arrive, and then I would have to drive back and pick it up. Grrr.

I was so frustrated I almost backed out on my iPhone purchase, but decided that a few hours of inconvenience would be worth it for years of iPhone fun.

Frustration definitely seems to be a word associated with the latest Apple launch. On the first day some customers had trouble activating their new phones. And now there are severe supply and demand issues. I have to wonder why Apple is still spending money on advertising when they can’t keep up with the demand. But, since the first snag, the operating system seems to be doing fine from everything I’ve been reading.

One of my closest friends who owns a first generation iPhone says it will revolutionize the way I communicate. While I think that might be a bit of a stretch, I do hope it’s worth all the trouble in the end. Once it finally arrives, I’ll be sure to share my thoughts.

What are your thoughts on the smart phone war? Are you addicted to your “Crackberry” or have you become an iPhone lover? Have you had a frustrating iPhone experience? Leave a comment and share…


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  1. Hussman says:

    I use my phone to make calls. Weird, isn’t it?

  2. I got a curve back in June and LOVE it!! It is my first smartphone and having my email on the go along with a full qwerty keyboard that isnt touchpad feeling is GREAT. Also the ability to have removable battery and memory were big sells for me. Also, blackberry is doing better at becoming more compatible with Mac. Hope you are enjoying your new purchase and if you get frustrated, always look to feed your crackberry addiction!

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