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February 23, 2009 3 Comments

The e-mails and phone calls are starting to slow. But there are still some problems coming in. Like I’ve said before – at this point, most of the problems seem to be antenna related. After a week of taking viewer phone calls and slowly walking them through all the tips and info I have, I can appreciate that it’s frustrating. But, I still hold out the hope that people will find some mutual help and support here on the blog or from people in their community that will result in a clear signal!

I received an interesting e-mail this weekend from Rob Heidemann in Clarksville. While his solution isn’t feasible for everyone, it made me smile after a trying week and I thought it was worth sharing.

“Hello! I had heard you say you wanted success stories about getting your signal, well here you go, its a dozy! In April of last year, I received my coupons and went and picked up my converter boxes. I hooked one up to the antenna feed in the basement, and could get every channel but 7. So after a few times of running upstairs and onto the roof to adjust the antenna with no luck, I decided to do something different before I run out of energy! I grabbed a card table and our little TV, and set everything up on the roof. Then, I very slowly rotated the antenna while watching the signal meter until I had the strongest signal. It is amazing how just a tiny movement affects the signal! I hooked things back up on the roof, and headed downstairs to see if I could get it down there, and it worked. It would come in, but was intermittent. I wrote to your engineer, and he said after February you’d be moving the transmitter up higher so it should improve. (didn’t say anything about changing to VHF at that time) Signal has gotten better, but KWWL is still the weakest out of all of them. Still have occasional drop outs. I did read you’ll be increasing your signal strength soon, so that will be good! I have attached a couple photos of me while on the roof that the wife took. In photo roof1.jpg the antenna is just poking into the shot on the right. I also included a photo of the antenna I was using.”

For everyone who has written in and left comments with questions, I have forwarded them to our engineers. Starting today, I’ll probably stray from the DTV themes on this blog, but the previous posts will still be available. And, if I have any other feedback or updates in the future, I will continue to post those.

As Rob mentioned in his note, we will be increasing our power in the next few months. I hope that will help some of you who are still having problems!


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  1. Jay says:

    Take note that those trees in the background are probably the reason your antenna is so picky about KWWL. When summer is here, leaves will block even more signals

  2. Susan Cook says:

    Another success story and kind of funny too. I have not been able to receive KWWL for the past week, but continued to try everything. Today I rescanned again and then was playing with the antenna and it fell against the wall pointing toward Rowley and there you were! Clear as a bell. Sure missed Jeopardy! and the morning news. Hopefully this will continue to work. Thanks for the info on your blog.

  3. Jeff Frasher says:

    I bought a Winegard model #HD-1080 antenna (about $40) to replace the Phillips UHF model that I had been using before the conversion. I have had no signal for KWWL since the change-over last week.

    After adjusting the new antenna for about 2 hours, I am now able the get a 70% strength on my Dish network converter box for channel 7.1. (I use the over-the-air transmissions for my local HD channels).

    I’m hoping when KWWL increases it’s signal power in a few weeks – I’ll be able to get more signal strength. Reception is still spotty.

    Just thought people would like to know what works. (I live in Fairfax).

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