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March 23, 2009 1 Comment

I’m doing some research on Twitter for a big journalism conference this weekend where I have to sit on a panel and pretend to be an expert, even though I don’t feel much like one.

As part of my preparation, I’m putting together a list of useful/entertaining Twitter spin-offs. I found myself analyzing my Tweetstats and trying to philosophize about my life, based on how and when I update.

Jenn’s Tweetstats

While I concluded there are no great truths to be found in my charts, here are some observations.

Despite being on Twitter since 2007, I was a fair weather follower up until December, with the exception of a spike in September when I live-tweeted the McCain/Palin rally in Cedar Rapids. Two things facilitated my immersion into Twitter culture – my new phone and the discovery of Tweetdeck.

My Twitter stats say more about my focus (or lack there of) than about my schedule. I tweet very little in the mornings. Work wise – this is probably when I actually have the most to say. But, I get lost in the story that must be posted, the picture that must be fixed, the ad that must be scheduled or the e-mail that must be answered. It only after the News at Noon starts that I am allowed to sit back and take stock. Which includes perusing my Twitter updates.

And most of my other tweets happen in the afternoon, because that’s when I delve into the big projects and need some distraction to refresh my focus.

The only thing I can’t figure out is why I tweet most on Thursdays. It just doesn’t seem to add up. Mondays are my busiest days, Fridays are my slowest. Wednesdays are normally my most productive days. What makes Thursdays so special that they get extra Twitter attention?

This is probably the most pointless post ever. Really. I’m contemplating deleting this, but I already typed it all and put all the links in.

I guess that only way to salvage this is to ask for some advice and input.

If you use social networking of any kind – why? And how do you think journalists can better connect with you online?

If you don’t use social networking – why not? And do you think journalists should?

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  1. C Leary says:

    Jen, this isn’t pointless at all, and your questions are wonderful – THAT’S how journalists connect with us.

    As TV talent, you come into our homes daily, so we feel as if we know you, right? Take a look at Tara’s breastfeeding post or Danielle’s pet parent post and you’ll know that people are sharing a LOT of info – TMI??

    Anyway, I am on Facebook, but I rarely use it. I’m not a person who loved high school, and I live in the town where I went to college and keep in touch with those classmates I want to. I have few extended relatives outside of the area. Basically, I don’t feel a NEED to be on Facebook or MySpace and it takes up too much time.

    However, I have recently gotten involved with Twitter, and I REALLY enjoy it. Not because of the social networking aspect, but because of the business part of it. In my job, I am pushed to be on top of technology (you too?) and I get excited when I find something new that might work for us.

    So, yes – keep using social networking, I think it’s clear that it is working for KWWL. The more connected we are as viewers, the harder it will be for us to EVER stop watching, and that’s the ultimate goal, is it not?

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