Butter or not? You decide.

July 8, 2009 1 Comment

Last week I sent out a tweet – alerting my followers that Michael Jackson would be carved out of butter and on display at the Iowa State Fair as part of a long-standing butter sculpting tradition.

Then organizers released a clarification. Jackson would be part of a larger sculpture depicting the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s moon walk. The sculpture would feature an astronaut, flag, moon and the pop star doing his most famous dance move – the moon walk.

Fair organizers say Jackson was also picked for his role in fair history. The Jackson 5 performed at the Iowa State Fair in 1971.

Now, after mixed feedback on the controversial star’s inclusion, organizers are putting it to a vote. Voting starts in the online poll tomorrow and runs through July 16.

Whether you love it or hate it, the only way to influence the outcome is to vote.

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  1. Larry Rice says:

    Enough with M.Jackson. He is dead so leave him that way. Why isn’t there a plan to make a statue for Farrah or Billy May?? Let them all rest in peace.

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