Online forum to discuss violence

July 29, 2009 1 Comment

The Courier and KWWL are partnering together to host an online forum tomorrow, aimed at ending violence in Waterloo.

It’s a complex problem with multiple causes and no easy solutions. But, we’re hoping that providing an accessible outlet for people to log on and share information with generate some fresh ideas.

While community leaders and residents are definitely welcome, we’re especially hoping that teens and young adults will join in. We want to hear what they think, how they feel and what they see on a daily basis. What can be done to reach out to the youth in the community?

The chat will last for half an hour. It’s anonymous, so you can participate without people knowing who you are.

You can go to the chat page now and sign up for a reminder. Otherwise, I hope to see all of you in the chat room tomorrow!

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  1. willie jones jr says:

    This city could do alot more to stop the violence, with all the empty school buildings this is a perfect time to convert these empty buildings into youth/teen centers, they have gyms,pools,basketball courts,librarys,space for computer rooms, the city can offer these programs at these, school, to help with babysitting,youth activities,computer classes,job training,sports activities,etc,the city has to look no further, then some of there on assets, and put making money on the side,and give way to bettering the community. sincerly, willie jones jr. (319-233-8284)home (319-230-2959) cell. thank you.

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