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August 10, 2009 1 Comment

I’ve seen this New York Times article dissected a dozen ways today, so I feel compelled to add my own two cents.

The general gist – While people used to wait until they were at work to go online, new data shows that technology is now a huge part of our mornings.

The first thing I reach for in the morning is my phone, partially because it’s my alarm clock. I haven’t used an actual alarm clock since high school. I’ve never been a morning person. It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed or what time I wake up – unless I put forth a very concentrated effort to be pleasant, I am generally grumpy until about noon. It’s my habit to lay in bed after I shut off the obnoxious alarm and check my text messages, e-mail and Twitter (in that order) while I convince myself to actually get up.

Then it’s off to the living room where I grab my laptop and check the news wires before doing some general maintenance on If I do eat breakfast – this is usually when it happens, typing with one hand and a spoon full of cereal in the other.

And even though I have the TV on and watch the news all morning, most days I seem to be blow drying my hair or in the kitchen when the weather is on. So that means standing in front of my closet with my phone in my hand – trying to decide if the weather will influence my wardrobe.

If there is a rare morning that I don’t spend most of it online before work, then I feel completely out of the loop when I walk into the station.

I can’t really imagine how my mornings could change or involve more technology. But a few years ago, I was the type of person who checked my e-mail once a day.

What are your thoughts? Are you logging on earlier in the day? How is technology affecting your morning routine?

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  1. Rick Smith says:

    Same here… it used to be, when I got up for work at 4:30, I’d turn on the tvb, crab some cereal and coffee, and catch up on world happenings. Now, its on the computer to check out the news of the world, status on my favorite sports teams – Cubs and Bears, and then catch up on the email I have received. Just recently, with getting into Facebook, I now also have to check out what everyone there has posted… By 5-5:30, I am ready to get into my projects – creating multimedia DVDs, fixing computers or helping at Waterloo West…. Believe me, when severe weather strikes and knocks out cable at our house, mornings are miserable!

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