Black Friday – 2009 Edition

November 20, 2009 1 Comment

It seems like a female right of passage. Your first Black Friday. A mixture of child-like anticipation, consumer-driven desire and competitive adrenaline. It’s an American tradition that I’ve never really had much interest in. Last year I blogged about Black Friday, but didn’t admit that I’ve never taken part.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop. I especially love Christmas shopping.┬áBut I’m more of a leisurely browser than a power shopper. I carefully plan each gift for my friends and family. And I do not like crowds when I’m shopping. That’s why all through college I would go grocery shopping in the middle of the night.

But,┬ájust like everyone else, I’m trying to save a few bucks, and I think I might take the plunge this year and have my first Black Friday experience.

Here’s what I’m using to prep:

These sites include product lists with photos, icons showing door busters and rebates, and include full scans of the original store ads. You can also choose to add items to a shopping list so you have a clear game plan.

I’m also adding an iPhone app to the mix. Tara Thomas introduced me to ShopSavvy. It will scan any bar code and then show you online listings for that product. Basically, it’s a way to do some comparison shopping in the middle of the fray. I spent some time running around the newsroom scanning books, food wrappers, the Kleenex box…just to test it out.

What are your Black Friday secrets? I’m looking for some guidance from the pros!

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