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April 22, 2010 2 Comments

Earth Day is like Valentine’s Day, and many other holidays for that matter. You don’t tell the important people in your life that you care about them only on Valentine’s Day, and if you believe in being environmentally friendly, it’s a lifelong commitment and not just a yearly celebration.

But, Earth Day is a chance to highlight the best the eco-friendly community has to offer. And here are some of the most interesting sites and apps I’ve come across on this particular Earth Day.

Good Guide and its corresponding iPhone app claim to rate more than 50,000 products on their health, environmental and social impact. If you’re in the store deciding between Product A or Product B, you can scan the barcodes using the app and get an instant rating from Good Guide. The website provides methodology the company uses to develop the ratings.

Good Guide is going to rate basic household items but EPEAT focuses on electronics. The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool is run by the Green Electronics Council. Products must meet 23 environmental criteria before being registered with EPEAT, then the products receive a bronze, silver or gold rating based on 28 additional criteria.

Mashable’s Recycled Gadgetry
Okay – something a little more creative. Mashable had an interesting post as part of series sponsored by Best Buy’s It includes 10 examples of innovative recycling including a chair made out of Playstation consoles and a necktie made out of cassette tapes.

And for some artistic flair, one of my favorite photo editing sites is looking for Picniked nature photos. Use the hashtag to share with the Twitter and Picnik communities, or follow the hashtag to enjoy.

Share your Earth Day finds below!

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