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April 11, 2010 5 Comments

It’s been a relatively quick change by television standards. In a matter of months we’ve managed to build a new control room, graphics package, install new equipment, train our staff to use all of it and even design a new logo.

On television, we’ve given you the occasional glimpse into our transformation with a picture or some video, and a few times you may have heard the construction in the studio during a newscast.

But behind the scenes, it’s been much more than some extra make-up or picking up a toolkit. As everything started to take shape, our staff began the grueling task of putting all the new equipment and elements into action. That meant doing each newscast twice. Once on the air using our old control room, equipment, and graphics and then once for practice using the new versions. It’s made for some very long days, but all the preparation will be worth it.

And now it’s launch day. The old and new have lived together for the past few months. But now we officially took down the backdrops and moved out the old cameras. Everyone is on hand, adjusting lights, moving equipment, marking camera positions.

It’s kind of like the atmosphere before a big surprise party. There’s this buzz and excitment. You catch someone taking a moment to look around the room, taking it all in and realizing they’re a part of something special. Putting up streamers and unpacking party plates, all the while, keeping an eye on the clock so you can get into position before the big moment.

There’s no party decorations here tonight, but there are some snacks in the break room. Which can be just as exciting for a news crew.

The content of our newscasts will not change, but the way we look will. HD televisions will notice the biggest change, but everyone will see a clearer picture and truer colors starting tonight. So here it is. HD!

Producer Mike Verlo condensed four months of work into two minutes. Watch it.

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  1. Mike Hawk says:

    Love the new HD. I watched the ten news and cannot wait to watch the six news tonight. It looked great! This is what I have been waiting for from an Eastern Iowa television news station. Finally, graphics that don’t look like they were put together by a third grader. I especially loved the sports segment when Woodley was in the dark background with the lights appearing from the room behind. Finally! I didn’t think I would ever see anything like this in Eastern Iowa. I thought we would always be content with second best. But not now! This is great. Keep up the good work!

  2. D Ruby says:

    Glad to see you’ve move the news to HD, but now your signal barely comes in. I’ve been receiving you over the air since June 2009 from Coralville, but completely lost your signal on 4/11. Any hints that may help me get your station back?


    • jjarvis says:

      Hey D Ruby!

      I checked with our Chief Engineer Jarrett and he says the HD upgrade did not change our signal strength. Feel free to call the station (319-291-1200) during normal business hours and ask for Jarrett. He can help troubleshoot what may be causing the problem! Thanks for watching!

  3. Deborah Olsen says:

    Hi, I am concerned that KWWL TV News 7 not work or show HD after thunderstorm last night…please fix that problem back to normal 7.1…My tv works only 7 but was 7.1 … not working…is there problem in your station KWWL 7 NBC? Please fix that problem…I love your channel 7.1 HDTV KWWL 7…let me hear from you sooner..
    Deborah Olsen

    • jjarvis says:


      If you have concerns about your signal, feel free to contact our chief engineer Jarrett Liddicoat by calling the station. He is extremely helpful and can usually help our viewers troubleshoot any potential problems.

      Thanks for watching and checking out my blog!

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