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Aside from the show itself being a new take on the singing competition genre, The Voice is poised to break some social media ground, in my opinion.

Although it’s been done before, the idea of promoting a hashtag during a show is quickly gaining popularity among the networks. #TheVoice was prominent from the top of show last night, and the promotion┬áseemed to pay off. The hashtag was a top trending topic on Twitter.

Although the show was pre-taped, the judges (@AdamLevine @CeeLoGreen @TheRealXtina @BlakeShelten) and host (@CarsonJDaly) were tweeting during the east/central airing last night and a few of the tweets were shown at the bottom of the screen during the show.

The real potential for breaking new ground? I’m hoping it will be the show’s V-Correspondent, Alison Haislip. Alison actively blogs, tweets and Facebooks pictures, videos and tidbits as both herself and on the official show accounts. It’s similar to what Sarah Haines does for The Today Show…I’m sensing a theme here with NBC and social media. Of course, I’m completely biased on this topic since my current station and previous station are both NBC affiliates (KWWL and KOMU).

Alison only made a quick plug during the premiere show. But I’m hoping that after the auditions when the show moves into a live format, she’ll take on a more prominent and interactive role. At the same time, I’m glad that initially her presence is primarily on the Web and not on-air. There are plenty of shows where correspondents and hosts tweet and Facebook, but I think there’s an opportunity to take things to the next level here.

Typically for TV shows, there’s a team of marketing folks behind all those videos, pictures and comments you see on social networking sites. And I’m sure that Alison still has a team of people backing her up. She obviously had a camera person for her backstage interviews. But I love that they’re giving a face, name and personality to the person who is really driving a lot of this content. And I’m excited to see her role grow throughout the season.

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