Water Hazard

June 26, 2009 1 Comment

I will start this post by saying that I should have known better. And I do. I just didn’t do what I should have done. And it almost cost me a tooth!


A smooth garage floor.

A smooth garage floor

and this:

A smooth flip-flop

don’t mix when wet.

On Wednesday, Dwayne had hosed down the patio to get the dirt off and it was drying up. I had purchased some zinnias to put in an area of the yard and they were baking in the back of the truck. We went outside to move them to the shade. Instead of putting on the plastic or rubber clogs that I usually wear for my gardening, I just kept my flip-flops on.

When I stepped onto that beautifully smooth surface, my left foot started to slide, my right foot stayed at the door and the rest of me headed for the floor. Fortunately for my face, I landed on my knees first, then on the palm of my left hand

Bruised palm

Bruised palm

and then my mouth. Dwayne will tell you that is because it is the biggest thing on me. I’ll whack him for that later. I managed to give myself a fat lip and loosen one of my front teeth. After Dwayne assured me that I wasn’t bleeding, I went in the house and put a cold can of pop on my lip. I think that helped keep the swelling down. By the next morning, it looked just a little puffy with a spot that looked like I had a pimple starting. I have been getting my teeth straightened using Invisalign and I think that may have saved my tooth. It acted as a mouth guard and kept the tooth from moving any more than it already did. The dentist said there is no fracture and that I just bruised it. I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I heard that. Needless to say, I make sure that I put those clogs on whenever I am outside doing anything!

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  1. Brouke says:

    I have also learned the hard way that water and flip-flops do not mix.

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