“I Want Vindication”

July 6, 2009 2 Comments

This morning before I headed off to an appointment, Dwayne wanted me to “help him with something”. I headed toward the door and he said to grab the camera.  Hmmm.  I followed him to the other side of the deck.  He pointed at the honeysuckle and told me to take a picture of it. 

The honeysuckle today

The honeysuckle today

This is what she looked like in early June.

This is what she looked like in early June.

So she is filling out.   Dwayne seemed to want to rub my face in the fact that it was actually growing.

It even has some new blooms.

The hummingbirds will love this!

The hummingbirds will love this!

He wanted vindication from my June 13th blog about his tendency to go a little overboard when he trims.  Of course, he didn’t take me to the lilac….

Miss Kim today.  Not much better, but some new growth.

Miss Kim today. Not much better, but some new growth.


Miss Kim after the attack

Miss Kim in early June

Of course, she is coming back.  Slowly.  I hope we have some flowers next year…. but I doubt it.  But, there are still several weeks in the growing season, so he may have some vindication yet.  We’ll see.


Dig it!

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  1. Phyllis says:

    Do you cut down your honeysuckle bush in the fall?

  2. eloan says:

    Phyllis, We leave our honeysuckle up in the fall. Dwayne usally prunes in the summer, but this year Dwayne cut it back earlier than usual. He usually waits until right after they flower. This allows the shrub to put out new growth before fall and it even puts out a few more flowers for the hummingbirds. The flowers for next year will set on this year’s growth, so I wouldn’t prune it in the fall. If you need to prune it this fall, it will not kill the plant, but you won’t have any flowers next spring.

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