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August 6, 2009 1 Comment

I would love to have a water feature at my house, but our budget doesn’t allow it.  The water flowing down our slope in the yard would attract lots of birds and the little pond at the south end would have koi in it.  Unfortunately, that is not to be.  I got really excited when my Station Manager moved to a new place with a koi pond and she said they were not going to keep it.  But, I still can’t figure it into our budget this year and she wants to get the koi out of the pond before winter. 


So, if you are interested having some koi, Kim said there are six koi about seven or eight inches long.  She didn’t have a picture for me to post, but she will be happy to give them to you for free, if you want to come get them.  Her email address is kleer@kwwl.com to get your name in. 


Good luck and enjoy the koi!

Dig it! (or swim it, in this case!)

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  1. Sonja Bast says:

    Ponds are just a wonderful feature. I hope the day comes when you will be able to have one. Thanks for the information on your blog.

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