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Spring is my favorite season.  I can see the beauty in all of the four seasons in Iowa, but I especially love this time of year.  I love the smells of the earth being turned by the tractors and tillers and of the new-mown grass.  I love the colors.  Everything looks so vivid after the gloom of winter and the browns and greys of late winter/early spring.  And when the flowers bloom, it’s gorgeous.  You can get some great pictures!  Of course, you can do that at any time, but it sure looks great after the long winter we had.  Here are some that were sent in to either me or Mark (who then forwarded them on to me). 

These beauties were sent in by Tim Schueller.

These are from Heather Hammersley. She says they are "Bluebells coloring a hillside at McFarlane Park in Rural Black Hawk County".

White Virginia Bluebells. I don't think I've ever seen one and Tom Adams (the photographer) said this is a rare one "growing among a large patch of blue ones next to a trail in George Wyth State Park." Keep an eye out for it, but don't pick it! Maybe it will produce more for next year.

This is from Joyce Meyer. She sends in a lot of photos for Mark's Hot Shots and he forwarded this one and the next two onto me. She said these were found by Spillville.

From Joyce Meyer, near Spillville.

And another one from Joyce Meyer, also near Spillville.

Here are more bluebells. A sure sign of spring. These are from Gary A. Johnson. He says these are on the Katoski Greenbelt in Waterloo.

Aaron Digman took this photo in AY McDonald Park in Dubuque.

Aaron Digman also took this photo. This was from the Dubuque Arboretum, but he didn't mention when it was taken. When do you think it was taken?

This one came from Fran Beal. It was taken in the woods on Ranchero Road.

These bluebells are also from Fran Beal and the same place (Ranchero Road woods).

These are from my garden. Dwayne and I planted these last fall in what will become my "rose garden". It isn't very big, but it should be able to hold two or three bushes.

Keep them coming!

Dig it!

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