Divide and Conquer!

May 6, 2010 0 Comments

Okay… just divide.

Sue sent me an email about when to divide her asiatic lilies and a question about Christmas cactus.  I’ll save the cactus for another post, but I’ll talk about the lilies today. 

Asiatic lilies are more upright than daylilies.

This is what the previous asiatic lily looked like last year.

Right now the lilies are really growing. 

I don't remember what color this one is. I think it's red, but it will be great to watch it growing.

This one is an Easter lily from last year. I was under the impression that the variety sold as "Easter Lily" are not hardy here, so I was surprised to see it growing. I hope it does as well next year!

The best time to divide the lilies would be early fall.  Daylilies, on the other hand, can be divided every three to six years in the early spring or during the early fall, like September.  I’ll talk about dividing daylilies later.

Carefully dig up the clump and separate the bulb.  Replant them immediately.  If you have to delay the replanting, put the bulbs in a plastic bag containing some lightly moistened peat moss and place the bag in the refrigerator.  Plant large bulbs 4 to 6 inches deep and small bulbs should be 1 to 2 inches deep.  Lilies do best in well-drained soil in full sun.  The large bulbs may bloom the following summer, but it may take the small bulbs a year or two to get enough energy to do so.  No matter what, they have a lot of punch for their size.

This variety came with the house and has survived three moves around the yard. I think we are going to have to move it again, but they need divided anyway.

They are beautiful!

Dig it!

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