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June 9, 2010 1 Comment

My Sunday started at 4:52 AM (8 minutes before Dwayne’s alarm went off) when Louie (cat number 2) stood on my bladder.  Louie is 15 pounds and my bladder was full.  Needless to say, I got up, which was Louie’s intention.  Now I could feed him… oh, and, his brothers, too.   Now that I’m up, I’m ready to get outside and do some weeding.  Those weeds should pull up quite easily with the rain on Saturday.  Although, I suppose I should wait for the sun to come up.

After Dwayne headed to work, I ate my breakfast, played with the cats a little and then headed out into the chilly, damp morning. I managed to get our little “hill” weeded and a few other unwanted plants pulled in another part of the garden before I heard the chickadee.  He doesn’t come to visit often, so I picked up my stuff and headed inside.

About an hour later, I headed into town.  We are working on landscaping one side of our house and have been getting a bush or two at a time.  This week’s purchase was Cardinal Candy Viburnum.  It has creamy white flowers in spring and bright red fruit in the fall.  It should be striking when it fruits.  I also needed to get some mulch.  I hit three garden centers in two hours, bought two new pots, lots of annuals, a few perennials and even managed to remember the Viburnum. 

When I got home at noon, I ate a quick lunch and then headed back outside and got down to business.

I added two more variegated vinca vines to our "Michael Pot". The one it had didn't fill it up enough.

Added more Celosia to the front of the house to fill out a large bare spot...

These are white Hypoestes. They will hopefully add a little contrast to the celosia.

These are called Cockscomb Celosia, and if they grow correctly will look like the comb on a rooster's head.

Added two more Emerald Blue Creeping Phlox to our new bed around our ash tree.

Dwayne suggested some Dusty Miller to offset the Brass Lantern Coral Bells, but I couldn't find any on Sunday. So I got Soprano White Osteospermum.

For one of the new pots I got on Sunday, I planted some white Pentas and four Forever Blue Lisianthus. I hope the hummingbirds like them, even though they aren't red.

I did get some perennials for the hummingbirds. These two are called Geum. One is "Double Bloody Mary" and the other is "Mrs. Bradshaw". They are on our "red" hill which is mostly pink.

These two are Maltese Cross. The top one is "Lumina Bronze Leaf Red" and the other tag didn't have a common name listed, but the scientific name is "Lynchnis chalcedonica". They have different flower structure, but should both be attractive to the hummingbirds.

This one is for me. I have always wanted to try out the Fiber Optic plant. It should stand out nicely against the red "velvet" coleus.

Another one for the hummingbirds. This is Saratoga Red and Saratoga Lime Nicotiana.

Yes, I know it looks dead, but that, my friend, is Leatherleaf Sedge surrounded by verbena.

Dwayne likes impatiens. I don't particularly like them. I was going to give in and get some for him, however, what I grabbed was vinca. I did not do it on purpose, at least not consciously. I don't think Dwayne believes me.

When Dwayne got home, we planted the Cardinal Candy Viburnum.

Before I went in to get ready for bed, we put mulch around the celosia to keep them a bit more moist on the west side of the house. It makes it look better, too!

And there is plenty more to do….

Dig it!

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  1. Ava says:

    I got wore out just reading about all of what you planted, wish I had a green thumb!! I bet your yard is just beautiful! 🙂

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