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I think all gardeners (and non-gardeners) would agree that there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done.  It is amazing, however, how much you can get done in just a few hours.  A couple of Sundays ago, I got up at 4:30 when Dwayne’s alarm went off.  I know, you think that’s really early, and it is.  But with my schedule, that’s sleeping in!  Anyway, when he headed off to work, I ate my breakfast and then headed outside.  One of the nice things about this time of year is that the sun comes up before 6.  I was in the garden by 6:30.

I planted tomatoes, peppers, an eggplant, sweet basil and some swiss chard in the raised beds.

This bed has some tomatoes, the basil, an eggplant and some swiss chard. I think I have more room for another eggplant or two. They are supposed to be dwarf, so they should fit nicely in between the tomatoes.

I added some green peppers, a regular sized eggplant and some swiss chard to this bed. There is still some room for a few more pepper plants that I have to get in the ground soon.

I had to put a rosebush in the rosebed, but I had to move some irises to do it.  This is the wrong time of year to move them, but it had to be done.  I’ll just have to make sure they get the proper sun and water, as well as fertilizer, to help with the shock. 

Our new "rosebed". It now has a Strike it Rich (orange) and a Firefighter (red and fragrant) in it. I still want to get a couple more, but those will wait until next year. To the right of the Firefighter are the remnants of the tulips and daffodils we planted last fall. I'll have to move some of them in order to fit in any more roses.

In order to put the rose where it is now, I had to move a bunch of irises. They are dwarf or miniature. We got them from our friend, Bill, so they are very special. Hopefully moving them at the wrong time of year won't hurt them.

I moved these and realized that this spot is probably going to be too wet, so I have to move them again. They seem to be doing okay despite the shock of the move.

We got a couple of items to put into our blue pot.  They didn’t have tags and I don’t remember what the sign said, but they look pretty good together. 

I have no idea what these are called. They didn't have tags and I didn't write down what was on the sign. I guess that means another trip to the garden center!

I planted five columbine plants in a bare spot on the north side of our garage.  The magic of the tilt of the Earth gives us some sunshine in the afternoon even though it is on the north side of the garage.  It makes it interesting figuring out what can live there.

We got a bunch of different colored Columbine to fill in a hole. The guy on the left is one of our band "The Rolling Toads". They looked good in this bed last year, so they are giving a repeat performance in the same place this year.

Four hours later, I needed to run into town to get some potting soil and some vinca for our red pot.  While I was at the garden center, I grabbed some Japanese Iris, too!

This looked so good last year, we'll try it again this year.

Japanese iris for the raised bed around our Purple Mountain Ash. Fortunately, our "ash" is not a true ash and the Emerald Ash Borer won't eat it.

When I got home, I used the potting soil to plant a tomato in one of those upside-down planters.  The tomato I was going to put in there was too big.  The roots wouldn’t fit through the hole.  So I planted one that Heidi (from Peterson and Tietz) gave me.  It is an heirloom and is called Black Krim.  I have another one in the raised bed and I will put at least one more out at my plot at my friend George’s farm.  I’ll let you know which one does the best. 

This is a first for me. I have never tried the upside down planter, so we will see. Everyone I have asked about it said theirs was blown down in a storm. The day after I took this picture, the hook it was hanging on came out of our bird feeding station tree. Dwayne has since moved it to a very sturdy hook on our shed. (It seems to be fine)

The lady at one of the (many) garden centers I go to mentioned that the plant would do this. It looks pretty strange and will be interesting to see what happens when it gets fruit on it.

At the end of the day I still had things to plant. 

I ran out of time in the day.. and I'm running out of room in the vegetable garden. I may just have to tuck them in amongst the flowers!

That was a project for the next day, or whenever I could get to it.

Dig it!

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