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July 22, 2010 1 Comment

I love to take pictures in my garden.  We got a digital camera a few years ago and it is great.  Our neighbors probably think I’m nuts going around my garden taking a lot of pictures of plants.  I won’t tell them I take a lot of pictures of the cats, too.

There are a couple of problems I have when taking pictures. 

-I’m not very patient.  I’m running around the garden snapping away.   So far, I haven’t been able to get any butterflies and only a few bugs. 

-I don’t have a tripod or anything else to keep the camera steady, especially when I am trying to get close-ups.

-I’m really not very good.  I have this image in my mind and think it’s a great idea, but when I look at the image on the computer (when I can enlarge it), it invariably comes out blurry.  The shot I thought was the one for the fair is only good enough to be deleted.

Despite all of those shortcomings, I have managed to take a few that I like.  Some of these are from last year and some are from this year and, yes,  I took all of them.  Enjoy!

Here is a blurry one of a hibiscus bud...

This is a better shot

I like this picture. Look at the hibiscus potential!

This photo makes the bud look like it has to shave! I never realized there were tiny hairs on the hibiscus flower. Easier for the bugs to hang on, I suppose.

The center of a blooming hibiscus with the sun shining from behind.

This is probably not good enough to win a ribbon at the fair, but I like the way the shadow shows up on the petal.

This guy looks like he is getting ready to go out on the town with his bow tie!

This is one of the Shasta daisies from last year.

When you get really close in, you can't always tell what the plant is. This one is...


This is...


What do you think this one is?

It's goldenrod!

This one turned out better than I expected...

The previous photo is the "cone" on the coneflower. We planted the coneflowers next to the Black-eyed susan to compliment each other.

This close-up of a coneflower turned out pretty good.

This is an example of a picture that I took of an annual vinca and thought it was fine, but it turns out blurry. Also an example of not having a tripod or patience.

This one turned out okay. This is my Strike it Rich rose. It smells great and it is still producing a lot of blooms. Hopefully the Japanese Beetles won't eat them all!

A nice look at why Bearded irises are called "bearded". The lighting is not the best for this picture, so I wouldn't submit this for any contests.

This is a REALLY close look at a branch on our spruce tree.

This one reminds me of a stand of trees. This is our yellow (obviously) yarrow.

A nice close-up of Russian sage.

I like the way the sun highlights the left side of this perennial geranium. I don't know what any judges would say about the "darkness" on the right, but I like this one.

I love this one. I may have to blow it up and put it on our wall. This is looking through the petals of a poppy.

The next series of photos is of lilies.  There are day lilies and asiatic lilies. 

An extreme close-up of....

....this yellow day lily

This is the petal of an asiatic lily. When I had this blown up on the computer and I walked into the room, I thought it was an incredible sunset.

This extreme close-up is of the more red asiatic lily in my garden.

I really like this one with all of the pollen just waiting for those bees to come by.

The petals of the lily.

This lily is loving the sun.

More pollen...

The petals with a few specks of pollen...

Ready and waiting for the insects.

 I hope you have enjoyed my photo tour.  Send me some of your photos and I’ll putt them in a future post.

Dig it!

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  1. Connie Buresh says:

    Nice pictures, Eileen! I loved the closeups especially. I’ve been taking lots of pics of my gardens, but I’m going to try zooming even more. thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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