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August 5, 2010 1 Comment

The ribbon cutting for the Vinton Youth Community Garden was last Tuesday evening.  Aside from the VERY high humidity, it was a great event. 

I, Edwon (one of the other Master Gardeners helping out), our helper Martha and two of the girls (Sarah Kreutner and Aspen Hepker) showed up on Monday to help finish weeding.  Sarah’s mom and brother and sister helped out too.  We didn’t get everything done, but we got quite a bit done. 

These are two of "my girls"... Aspen Hepker is on the left and Sarah Kreutner is on the right.

We wanted to have some of the produce available for the event attendees to sample, so Sarah took some cherry tomatoes home to wash and Aspen took some carrots.  Martha had taken some cucumbers and peppers and Greg (our Benton County Extension guy) took some of our sweet corn home and cooked it up on Tuesday.

Good food enjoyed by all!

We agreed to show up around 4:30 on the day of the event so we wouldn’t be all sweaty from weeding.  We didn’t have to weed to get all sweaty with the dewpoints in the mid to upper 70s… we just had to stand there!  The AmeriCorp kids had been by to finish the weeding earlier in the day, so the hosta bed looked terrific. 

We got most of it done, but it sure looks great now! I wonder if the AmeriCorp group will come back when the weeds grow back?

The Parks & Rec guys had come by with the weed-whacker and cleaned up around the Cannas. 

People started to show up and we ended up with a pretty good crowd including Vinton Mayor John Watson.  We also had a couple of reporters there and a lot of people with cameras.  Hopefully there will be some better pictures than mine in some of the Vinton papers!

Some of the many people that came to celebrate with us. Sorry that my pictures aren't better...

Some of the AmeriCorp group that has helped out. The left side of the picture shows Edwon (with the straw hat) and Martha listening intently to the speaker.

Duane Randall, the Parks and Recreation Director, ran the ribbon-cutting and had the girls and a couple of other people (including myself) come up to “cut the ribbon”.  We couldn’t really cut the ribbon since they needed it for another ribbon cutting at 6, but we got to hold those big scissors while Brian and Al from the Parks and Rec department held the nice red ribbon.

Duane Randall, our MC for the evening. He is also the Director of Parks and Recreation in Vinton.

Greg Walston is on the left and Al and Brian are getting ready to hold the ribbon for the "cutting".

Here are the girls with the ribbon.

The AmeriCorp group got to pose with the ribbon and scissors, too. Thanks for all your help!

It appeared that everyone had a good time and everyone was pleased to see the garden go from the ugly, empty lots to something with a lot of green growing… and not just weeds!

And, we are already starting to talk about how we can get more kids interested next year…. and what else we can put in the garden. 

I’ll keep you posted.

Dig it!

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  1. I stopped to look at the community garden this week. Not bad for a small town. The Vinton Parks and Recreation Department is one of the best I have seen for this size town.
    Have you thought about doing a small trial garden. If you focused on a few types of plants you could keep it small and still do a good job of showing the different varieties.

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