Now if Mother Nature Would Only Cooperate…

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There is a lot to do right now in our garden.  Although, some will have to wait for time to help. Rabbits enjoyed many of our plants over the winter and we will have to wait and see if they all come back.  I think they will, but a couple were new last year.

One of our new babies that the rabbits munched on...a sweetspire.

The tasty twin.

Apparently rabbits love roses.

Our Knock-Out Rose


My red World War II rose

Sven was tasty, too, it seems.

My miniature Chinese rose was somewhat covered, but the stems that were poking out got chewed off.

The raspberries were not spared

This one I did myself. This is the Butterfly Bush and needs to be cut back now. I didn't cover it this winter, so we will see if it comes back.

Ole is in a different raised bed and seems to have been overlooked by the hungry rabbits. Or maybe the other plants were filling.

Now that the damage has been assessed, we can see what is already growing.

Bleeding Hearts are already pushing above the leaf mulch. We will be clearing out the leaves within the next week.

We planted garlic in our "rose bed" and uncovered it about two weeks ago. The tulip bulbs we planted a couple of years ago were already poking through.

This is the bed as of last Sunday. The daffodils and tulips are racing to see who will bloom first.

There are some things that I will be doing within the next week or so, including uncovering the marginally hardy roses in the bed and trimming them back.  I also need to clean out the irises and get the dead material away from the rhizomes so they don’t rot. 

And we need to keep fluffing up the grass.  Dwayne has already gotten a lot of it, but there is always more flattened grass to rake up.

Flattened grass. Just take the rake to it to get air to the roots.

Hopefully Mother Nature will provide us with seasonal weather soon.  That will make the garden chores even more pleasant!

Dig it!

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