Spring Fever at the Youth Garden

March 2, 2011 2 Comments

It is finally March and I, along with many others, are ready to get outside and into the garden.  It is still a little too early for that.  However, it is not too early to start planning what you are going to put into that garden, whether it is flowers or vegetables.  Or both.

I went online and signed up for a bunch of seed catalogs. 

This is what we have so far. There have been a couple of repeats. Louie loves tomatoes, so he wants me to buy all tomato seeds. Sorry, Louie.

As an experiment, I signed Frankie, Louie, Barney and Clyde (my “boys”) up for some of them.  So far Frankie, Louie and Barney each have two in their name and Clyde has one.  I did manage to get most of them sent in my name.  I want to see what kind of mailing lists the cats get onto.  I’ve done this before with Louie’s name and he got mail for satellite television, credit card applications and even a postcard asking if he wanted to subscribe to Playboy.  I shredded all of them.  He’d spend too much money on things he doesn’t need and watch too much television.  He gets crabby when he doesn’t get his 18 hours of sleep!

The goal of all of these catalogs isn’t just for my garden.  It is mainly for the Vinton Community Youth Garden. The kids loved selling their own produce at the Vinton Farmers’ Market last year and the customers seemed to enjoy supporting the kids along with the other local producers.  So this year, I will be looking at the calendar and figuring out when the best time to plant the veggies will be so that we can maximize the produce going to the market as well as spreading out the length of time we can take each kind of vegetable.

I'll go through the catalogs to see the growing time for each plant and count backwards from when we want to sell at the market.

One of the things we did at our last meeting was picked out what they want to grow this year.  Here is the list:

Lettuce, sugar snap peas, radishes, bush beans, cucumbers, wildflowers.  We already have seeds for these items.  They were donated by Earl May.

The rest of the list:

Tomatoes (sandwich, sauce, cherry, pear), zucchini, summer squash, winter squash, strawberries, corn, pumpkins, celery, broccoli, pole beans, cabbage, peppers (green, jalapeno, anaheim or banana, any others we have room for), sweet potatoes, potatoes, eggplant, carrots, onions, bok choy, parsley, rosemary, basil, oregano, sunflowers, tomatillo and loufa.

I have strawberries that need thinned out so that is taken care of.   Rosemary and oregano may come back from last year, so that will help save some money.

Since I have four cats and no good light source, I won’t start anything from seed, but will probably buy the warm season plants from area nurseries.  The seeds will more than likely come from one of the many catalogs that the cats so kindly signed up for.

Guess I better get going on those calendars so I can see how many seeds I need to order.  And I’ll get some for my own garden, too!  Louie, I’ll get the tomatoes in plant form in May.  You’ll just have to wait.

Dig it!

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  1. toni hull says:

    I saw your segment on “the dirt” this am. I too LOVE seed catalogs, in fact I can’t get enough of them!
    I have three grandsons & what I like to do is plant lots of things that have a great smell to them. pots of pineapple sage & lemon thyme are wonderful! I plant fennel… licorice in the back yard & it attracts yellow swallowtail butterflies which is an added plus. I take the boys for a walk around the yard, we touch the leaves & say YUM!
    last year we planted rattlesnake green beans! this year we are trying chocolate daisies ( they are promised to smell like chocolate!!) I like gardening to be fun.

  2. Matt Corpman says:

    Eileen, I have 3 young children and try to keep them involved in usefull projects. Last year we started our garden…I am pleased to see someone else trying to involve the youth with “practical” skills

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